ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) continued to cut off electricity to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) offices for two days due to non-payment of bills for streetlights and Parliament Lodges.

However, a CDA senior officer said that Iesco restored power on Tuesday evening after the dues were paid.

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Raja Asim, an Iesco spokesperson, previously stated that CDA’s electricity had been suspended due to nonpayment of bills, primarily for streetlights. He said that the civic agency was facing millions of rupees in debt, and that instead of suspending power to streetlights, Iesco had cut off power to the main CDA building.

CDA and Iesco have been at odds for a long time over streetlight billing, as the company bills CDA on the basis of lights rather than via a metering scheme. Although CDA often worries about overcharging due to the lack of a metering scheme, Iesco issues exorbitant bills based on assumptions.

However, an Iesco spokesperson said that in the past, it was agreed that CDA would pay against a pending demand notice for a metering scheme.

“They made a partial payment, and we mounted metres on that basis,” he said, “but as soon as they make the full payment, we will install the appropriate number of metres.”

Charges against streetlights, according to a CDA board member, was illogical.

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