KARACHI: No tree-planting campaign will increase the city’s green cover unless the government passes a Karachi-specific tree-planting law and imposes a strict ban on tree-cutting unless it is approved by an expert committee comprised of all stakeholders, including academia. This body can also act as a legal authority when it comes to granting permission for tree planting in public areas.

In a conversation with Dawn on Sunday, experts confirmed this. They were sharing their thoughts on the recently launched tree-planting campaigns and their role in growing Karachi’s green cover.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shams, a senior teacher, and researcher at Karachi University’s Institute of Environmental Studies said, “Ad-hoc and non-scientific approaches never bring out positive, sustainable outcomes. Plantation at public spaces should follow thorough planning, which means studying land and soil properties and getting details about the civic infrastructure existing above and under the ground at the site,”

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In other words, the job necessitated the participation of relevant stakeholders, including the community, which could play a critical role in ensuring the plantation’s long-term viability, he added.

“If these factors are ignored, saplings can die young or suffer from stunted growth, wasting resources, time, and energy while doing little to improve the environment.”

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