ISLAMABAD: This week, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) released notices to nine unlicensed housing schemes.

According to a CDA official, a drive has been launched on Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed’s orders, and action will be taken against all illegal housing schemes. He said that nine illegal housing schemes had been issued with notices in the last four days.

The operators of these societies have been ordered to stop construction work immediately, or the CDA will not only file cases against them but also conduct operations against them. The officer stated that notices had been served to Downtown Residencia, Canyon Views Rawat Enclave, Rawat HS, Ayesha Town, Aiza Garden, Taj Seventeen West, Margala View, Jamal Akbar Colony, and Islamabad Cooperative Farming Scheme.

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He stated that after the notice period has expired, substantive action against the societies would begin on Monday. Over 100 legal and illegal housing schemes in Islamabad have sold green belts, parks, mosque, and school ground. CDA’s position has been questioned for several years because it has failed to take prompt action and has limited itself to issuing notices.

On the other hand, illegal housing schemes grew in popularity, and their operators could sell out plots to residents with little difficulty. Due to the CDA’s incompetence in failing to stop the growth of illegal housing schemes effectively, people are now suffering due to the CDA has requested utility providers not to grant new connections in unlawful housing schemes.

The people, not the housing scheme owners, have suffered as a result of this action. According to a CDA officer, the CDA’s approach to housing schemes has remained “soft” for the last two decades, resulting in the mushrooming of unlicensed housing schemes.

Ghouri Town, he said, demonstrated how the CDA failed to regulate illegal housing schemes, adding that it is one of the largest illegal housing schemes in the world, with eight phases and thousands of housing units, but the CDA failed to halt its expansion.

Like those of other unauthorized systems, residents of this system are now having difficulty obtaining service connections. However, a housing directorate officer said that he was not responsible for CDA’s past results. “The current management is evident; we take action against illegal housing schemes regularly and will not enable any such schemes to flourish. We received nine notices in the last few days and will take action in response to these notices,” he added.

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