According to a news story published on April 14, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved layout designs for five multi-story buildings for the capital, including the first-ever 36-story residential building of its kind in the region.

The designs for the five multi-story construction projects, which cover a total area of million square feet, were reportedly approved at a meeting of the CDA’s Design Vetting Committee (DVC). The chairmanship of member preparation presided over the conference. However, the Civil Aviation Authority must approve the construction of the 36-story high-rise in Islamabad (CAA).

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The 36-story tallest residential building in Pakistan will be built on Plot No. 08 in Islamabad’s Sector F-10 Markaz. The fact that 70 percent of the project area (11,750 sq ft) would be held green was also highlighted. The following are the specifics of the remaining multi-story megaprojects:

  • Plot No. 13 in Sector G-11-3 will be home to a 14-story building.
  • Plot No. 13 in Sector F-7 will be built into a 5-story structure.
  • Plot No. 12 on IJP Road will be built into a 5-story structure.
  • On Plot No 64 in Sector F-10 Markaz, a new 5-story building will be constructed.

Two residential apartments, a kindergarten, and two commercial projects were also approved at the DVC meeting. According to the source, the Centaurus and One Constitution Venue (both with 26 floors) are said to have set the pattern for high-rise buildings in Islamabad.

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