Islamabad: According to various sources, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has established a three-member committee to finalize a road map for the establishment of Islamabad’s first Metropolitan Tourist Police.

Following the board’s recent approval of the police formation, a committee comprised of CDA Member Finance, Member Admin, and the DIG has been formed to finalize the roadmap.

CDA Member Finance Rana Shakeel Asghar said, “The committee is going to meet this week. The Islamabad police will assist us in raising this force,”

CDA will obtain posts and staff from Islamabad police, who would also train the tourist police officers, he said.

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According to the member of the finance, the committee would settle on the roadmap, which would include things like force preparation and logistics. “Then we will earmark funds for this project,” he said.

Another CDA officer said that DIG police had contracted Covid-19 and that SSP would most likely attend the committee meeting.

He believed that this police force would be friendly and that it would protect and direct visitors and other people, especially in public parks and other recreational areas.

He claimed that CDA desired 200 police officers for this force, but that the committee would make the final decision.

Several robberies have been reported in Islamabad parks, and a rape case was reported in one park a few years ago, so CDA officials believe the police would assist the civic agency in ensuring a safe and secure atmosphere for tourists and local residents.

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Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the Interior Minister, also announced last week that the tourist police will be stationed at 24 locations in Islamabad, including the Faisal Mosque and the road to Murree.

The officer added, “The CDA board has already decided to set up the force and we also have the full support of the interior minister, so I guess, within a month, this force will be established,”

The CDA declared many years ago that it would create a special police force and even a separate police station, but that plan never materialized. However, the civic agency seems to be serious about this project this time, as the matter was recently approved by the CDA board.

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