ISLAMABAD: Audit management information system was deployed concurrently by the Pakistan Department of Auditor General (AGP) at three audit offices.

The system for computerizing audit reporting for all audit processes, including planning, scheduling, execution, has been started by the AGP with World Bank (WB) help according to the information.

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The field audit teams are connected to the AGP audit management levels in real-time to enhance transparency and close monitoring of field audit activities.

The method would also assist auditors to ensure that government organizations maintain profound risks that they are focused on high-risk firms.

Detailed information will allow PAC members and the Secretariat to have access to the interfaces including dashboards, which will allow PAC to access published audit reports, unload guidelines and verify compliance in real time.

In order to ensure audit quality at every phase of the audit cycle, the DAGP is well prepared to establish an audit quality management structure recently drafted.

A separate project has been launched to enable AMIS to be duplicated in all audit bureaus across Canada as well as to develop auditors’ skills in emerging areas such as energy sector auditors, information systems control audits and environmental audits to ensure the replicability and sustainability of AMIS in DAGP.

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