NAROWAL: The regional administration’s operation to reclaim public land from land speculators is in full swing, with 919 Kanal worth Rs317 million reclaimed in the last 15 days.

After a 15-hour operation, Deputy Commissioner Zaheer Hassan said a crackdown had been launched against land grabbers in the district, and government officers had recovered land in the Shakargarh and Zafarwal tehsils.

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Mr. Hassan reported that 12 people were occupying the public property, including Tariq Hussain, Rashid Khan, Muhammad Faryad, Ali Raza, Muhammad Yusuf, Muhammad Haneef, Riaz Ahmed, Muhammad Amjad, Shamshir Ali, Barkat Ali, Tariq Mehmood, and Muhammad Ishaq.

He went on to say that the police stations involved had filed first information reports (FIRs) against the people listed above. The DC has issued a warning to those who are engaged in unlawful encroachments.

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