Rawalpindi: According to various reports, the Punjab government has taken note of rising sugar prices in many cities and has begun to act. On Monday, 106 shopkeepers in Rawalpindi Division were fined a total of Rs238,000.

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According to a senior official with the divisional administration, the administrators of the division’s four districts have been asked to look for fair price sugar stalls.

On Monday, he said, 55 shopkeepers in Rawalpindi were fined Rs122,500, 17 shopkeepers in Attock were fined Rs25,500, 25 shopkeepers in Jhelum were fined Rs66,000, and nine shopkeepers in Chakwal were fined Rs24,000, according to him. …..“Sugar was being sold in four districts at the rate of Rs65 per kg in Ramazan bazaars and Rs85 per kg in other markets,” he said, adding that there was no shortage of wheat in the division and that all mills were receiving it according to quota.

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The district price magistrates have been working overtime to ensure that wheat flour is available at the official price.

Aside from that, he said, the district has initiated an anti-encroachment campaign, with Rs10,000 fines levied on 101 rehari and vendors. Seven merchants were asked to expand their businesses. He said that 85 hate-filled banners and posters had been removed from major thoroughfares.

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