Park View Heights is one of the main significant projects that is being developed and constructed in Park View City Islamabad. It consists of the most ideal and luxurious apartments and penthouses being offered in Islamabad’s entire capital region. This grand project will bring a whole new meaning to the concept of luxury apartments and comfortable living.

Park View Heights

Park View Heights Location:

The location of Park View Heights is a project initiated by Park View City Islamabad. The apartment and penthouse building is being built and constructed in the ideal location of the entire housing society. It is going to stand out from all of the other housing societies in this manner.

Park View Heights Location

Park View City Islamabad:

Park View City is a beautiful new housing society located near Bani Gala. It is a CDA approved the project and stretches across a land of almost 1200 kanal.

Park View City Islamabad

It is a developing, beautiful housing society under the Vision Group project in Zone IV of Islamabad. It is a trendy area in investors’ eyes due to its beautiful scenic view and high-end facilities that are being provided.

The society is being designed by modern architecture and technology by Vision Group, Aleem Khan owned, a PTI party member. It is seen to be one of the most sought out housing societies in Islamabad. This is the first project of Vision Group being constructed and developed in Islamabad.

Society strives for excellence by being one of the most exuberant housing projects in the surrounding. The housing society consists of a 400ft boulevard road, which grants a direct route from the highway into the society. It has been one of the Vision Group initiatives in Bani Gala’s evergreen outskirts.

Throughout the beautiful hilly area surrounded by a botanical garden with clear views. A spot where one can have a peaceful sunset and see the sunrise. The housing society is best suited to quickly be accessible to the city’s urban and rural life.

One of the main benefits of this society is that it has a direct linkage to Islamabad. Moreover, the housing system directly connects to the society through Kurri Road, Bani Gala, and Highway. The housing development is also widespread due to its impressive sights and its conveniently accessible facilities.

The authorities intend to directly expose a comfortable place where people can enjoy a familiar environment and a secure and healthy home with a state-of-the-art view and glamorous sites.

It is a great and reliable housing society project to invest within. Since the launch and inauguration of the society, many investors are now more willing to invest within the society, which brings the previous investors more safe insurance because Park View City is a reliable housing society to invest within.

Park View City Location:

The location of Park View City is situated near the lush green Mountains of Bani Gala, with Bahria Enclave being its neighboring society. A 15-minute drive away from the chief Islamabad city and the Serena Hotel, its main entrance is from the town of Rawal Chowk.

Not only this, but Gate 2 is also easily accessible from Bhara-Kahu. This housing society is very similar to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but one of the main goals that the developers have is to make it an entirely environment-friendly housing society and try to keep it as pollution-free as possible.

Park View City Total Land Area:

Park View City Islamabad’s total land area spans over 1200 kanal of land, with several residential and commercial blocks and plots. The beautiful mountains of Bani Gala surround the housing society.

It is situated near Bahria Enclave, another well-developed and top rising housing society. Surrounded by the lush scenic and greenery of Bani Gala and its mountains, it is a 15-minute drive from the main Islamabad city.

The main entrance is from Rawal Chowk, while the 2nd gate has access from Bhara-Kahu as well. The Park View location is such that it is close to all the major destinations of the main city yet away from all the observance of noise and pollution, making it an excellent choice to make your permanent residence.

Park View Heights Owners:

Park View Heights is a collaborative project between Vision Group and Sky Marketing, while Park View City is an esteemed housing project owned by Aleem Khan, who is a well-renowned political leader of the political party PTI.

Park View Heights Accessibility:

One of Park View Heights’ advantages is that it is easily accessible from Kurri Road through the Gate 1. It is being constructed on such an access point that it is one not to be missed.

Park View Heights Total Area:

The total area that has been acquired for the apartment and penthouse project is 20 kanal of land. The apartment building will be built at an incredible height of 10 floors.

Project Details:

Park View Heights is going to be a very unique apartment complex. It is being built in such a manner in which all of your luxuries are fulfilled to the maximum level. It will be a groundbreaking project in its surroundings with its 10-story modern architectural design, state of the art facilities, and extraordinary surroundings.

Each floor will have different kinds of residential units to live in. It has a diverse type of apartment sizes and styles.

Apartment Types:

Park View Heights offers a wide range of apartment complexes and sizes for anyone who can afford and reside within. Following are the apartment sizes available in Park View Heights:

  • Studio Apartments
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Apartments
  • Duplex Apartments
  • 2-floor Apartments
  • Luxury Penthouses

With so many choices, it becomes difficult upon which apartment complex to choose and invest within. One should always choose to invest in the one that accommodates their budget.

Payment Plan:

Currently, bookings are open in Park View Heights. The apartments’ prices in this venture are offered at pre-launching rates on a very accessible 4-year installment plan. These prices will increase significantly after the official launch of the project.

Pre-Launching Rates:

Currently, the rates for the apartment complexes have been given out, which are the pre-launch prices. Developers advise investors and customers to invest in the project in its pre-launching phase due to the minimum rates offered. The investment is risk-free and will guarantee a 100% return on investment. Following are the prices per sq. ft of the following apartments:

  • Floors 1-5:

Rs.7000/sq. ft

  • Floors 6-9:

Rs.8500/sq. ft

As mentioned before that this is currently the best time to invest in Park View Heights, as it has the most reasonable rates going on in the market.

Park View Heights Pre-Launching Rates

Facilities and Amenities:

The society offers its investors and future residents the best of the best facilities and amenities. And even in its sub-projects, they are offering state-of-the-art amenities. Following are some of the facilities that will be provided in Park View Heights:

  • Reception
  • Fitness center
  • Cafe and juice bars
  • Eateries & Bakery
  • Spacious interiors
  • Sauna room and Swimming pools
  • Community center
  • Laundry Room
  • Health Club
  • Security and fire alarms
  • Lifts
  • Back-up Generators for power out
  • Fire escapes and extinguishers installed throughout the building
  • Landscaped Rooftop Garden

Along with these facilities and amenities, there are also many other salient features that the developers provide.

Salient Features:

Even the salient features being provided will be the best of the best and state of the art. Following are some of the salient features and services being offered:

  • Parking Spaces indoors and outdoors
  • Maintenance Services
  • After Sales Services
  • Security
  • Storeroom & Servant Quarter in 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments
  • Duplex Apartments with single and double entrances
  • Spacious Lounging Areas in 3 & 4 bedroom apartments
  • Fully Furnished Model Apartment

With so many facilities, amenities, and services provided by, who can say “no” to such a spectacular project? All of these facilities are of the absolute state of the art and the absolute international standard. Many more facilities are being constructed and developed to make it more convenient and easy for its residents to reside in and not only this but also many other facilities and amenities that are being developed and constructed.

Why Invest in Park View Heights?

There are a lot of factors that should be taking into consideration when investing in Park  Heights, and all of these are good factors. Following are some of them:

Safe and secure investment:

Park View Height is a safe and secure investment opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in luxury apartments. With the development and construction in an ideal location within the housing society, Park View City.

Great Location:

Another main advantage of investing in this location. The apartment complex will be built in such an area of the housing society that it will be the prime star.

Elite Community:

If you decide to invest, which you should, you will become a part of the elite community, which will have luxuries awaited.

Sense of Exclusivity:

Along with being apart of the elite community, you will feel a sense of exclusivity from the rest of the community as a whole.

Vibrant Residential Units:

This society is a great vibrant and unique residential unit to reside in, especially for those who want to live within their own little bubble with the development and construction going on.

Perfect for all Families:

One of the advantages is that it is perfect for all sizes of families. Since the apartment complex consists of various apartment complex sizes, one can invest in whatever resident unit they can.

Modern-day Design and Finish:

It is being designed and developed in a very modern and up-to-date design and finish. When this apartment complex is going to be completed and ready for launch, it will stand out in the entire housing society of Park View City.

Bookings in Park View Heights:

The pre-launch booking has begun in Park View Heights and for those in the residential units. At the current moment, it is a great time to invest within these absolute state of the art apartment complex before it is too late.

With so many unique features and facilities being offered for future investors and residents, why say “no” to a very outstanding and out of the box housing society?


Park View Height is a great housing opportunity that is being developed and constructed in zone IV of Islamabad, surrounded by the lush green mountains of Bani Gala.

It is part of the upcoming housing society project. The housing society project is a developing project by Vision Group, owned by the PTI member Mr. Aleem Khan. This is a collaborative project between Vision Group and Sky Marketing.

Pre-launch booking is currently opened for Park View Heights and is at a very reasonable rate in the market. But soon these prices will start to rise. So, go on and invest in a very reliable and secure project initiated by Park View City Islamabad.

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