Business Ideas in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most progressing economies in Asia and specifically among the nations of South Asia. This is why we tell our clients you about 21 Leading Small Business Ideas in Pakistan-Small Scale Investments.

Pakistan has the 5th largest population in the world and almost half of which is based on youth. This means that Pakistan and its economy has great potential to grow and become the Asian Tiger if steps taken by the government in this direction.

The youth of Pakistan is full of talent and potential. Once, they are put on the right path they can achieve wonders. Pakistan is going through a transformation age, where the trend is shifting from jobs to entrepreneurship.

All that is required is a bunch of bright and leading business ideas that may enable the people of Pakistan to grow their businesses even from small scale investments. A successful business does not require big investments, instead, it could be started with fewer investments and then grow it.

Every country may have different environments to cater several types of business and so is Pakistan. So, after meticulous effort, we have shortlisted the suitable and the best small business ideas in Pakistan which require small or even no investments, and all this for our esteemed readers and customers.

Following are the 21 leading small Business Ideas in Pakistan:

Freelancing Business – No Investment:

This is one of the most innovative ideas that is very popular in Pakistan. In most of the urban areas of Pakistan, almost every house nowadays has a computer and an internet connection.

Free-Lancing Business

That means all you have to do is advertise your set of skills on the right platform. Make an account on any freelancing website and start your own part-time or full-time work. With time you may convert this individual-level work to a whole new company owned by you, providing services to the same or many other customers.

Labor in South Asia and Pakistan is available at cheaper rates and so the people seek the services from our areas at low rates than compared to the other parts of the world.

You can provide numerous services based on your skills such as content writing, proofreading, web designing, web development, blogging, graphic designing, editing, social media handling, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services of social media websites, or any other platforms, etc.

Online Channel – No Investment:

This business idea does not require any investment. It requires an internet connection and a computer or cell phone to upload and edit videos. You need to start an online channel to upload videos of your skills on any platform.

Several platforms could be utilized to upload your videos and make money online. One of the most popular trends in the making of cooking videos and upload it on the most popular online platform, Youtube.

Youtube Business

When you register your account and create your channel on Youtube then you are enabled to upload your videos of cooking or any other set of skills on the channel. After a number of views and subscriptions then the monetization phase is initiated and you start receiving money into your financial account per every view and likes.

Once, you get enough subscribers from people in your country then you may start your cooking delivery business alone or in affiliation with some other food delivery service. This way you may earn money online and as well as from your food delivery from your home.

Small Food Stalls – Small Investment:

Local small food stalls are the best idea for a personal business with less than Rs. 50, 000/- It only requires a small moveable stall and ingredients for the food and cooking equipment/utensils.

Food Stalls Investment

Several types of foods could be offered through these stalls. But make sure that whatever you sell it should taste exceptionally good and that food must have the touch of your secret recipe or your innovation, this will be a fast and big selling-point for the growth of your newly established business.

Small Organic Farm – Small Investment:

Usual farming is quite different than the small scale organic farming. Small scale organic farming could bring you some extra income than your regular income or you could completely rely on this business as a major income business.

Organic Farm Investment

This is because in the age of potentially harmful fertilizer if you are offering an organic food choice that is completely free of artificial fertilizers then customers will buy your product for the sake of their health, even if they would have to a couple of extra bucks.

For this purpose, you do not need a large investment.

You can even launch your farm in a heavily urban population because it does not require a large mass of land. Even you can use the roof of your house or your garden or the area of your terrace.

This is the superb level of your flexibility in small scale organic farming. A land area of 5 Marla will be enough to launch this significant high earning business, and a mere small scale investment of Rs. 50, 000/- is needed to jump-start the project.

Application (App) Development – No Investment:

The essence of online businesses that it requires very small or no investment at all. App Development in English & Urdu also does not require any sort of investment. all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, which everybody has in urban and also some rural areas.

App Development

As many of the people in Pakistan do not understand the English language so you should also develop Apps in the Urdu language so that such Urdu language Apps are in demand and you may sell and earn more.

Themed Restaurants – Medium Investment:

In urban areas themed cafes, restaurants, or café stores are highly popular places to meet and greet with family and friends.

People in cities want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy office and business life and want a serene place like some themed restaurant where they may spend some time, relax and enjoy with friends and family. This is the opportunity that you might exploit in this regard and with just medium level investment such as around Rs. 10-20 Lacs you may launch your own highly profitable business.

Mug-Art Printing – Small Investment:

This Mug-printing business is one of the most smallest lucrative businesses in Pakistan, especially in the cities. Small or large offices or other organizations where they may order the mug-printing based on their office or website theme.

Mug-Art Printing – Small Investment

All you need is a small scale investment of Rs. 10-20 thousand rupees to buy a machine and relevant equipment and you may start this business and grow your business and earnings.

Fish-Farming – Medium Investment:

Fish farming is one of the best medium investment businesses in Pakistan which runs throughout the year but it goes into the full thrust in winter and fall seasons when the demand for fisheries increases manifold.

Fish-Farming – Medium Investment

Depending on your need you may start this business with just Rs. 5-10 Lacs in your village or city home. You can start this project out in the open by digging a big area of land of maybe 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 or 2 Kanal, or 1 acre, depends on the land you have. Or even you can launch it inside of your home by using large fish tanks. This is a convenient and small scale business which requires fewer investments.

Salons – Small Investment:

Beauty, hair, or any other kinds of salons may be started with just a small investment of Rs. 20-40 thousand rupees by renting a small area in a good location. And some additional investment in the equipment to furnish the salon, that’s all.

Salons – Small Investment

Even you can start it in your home as it brings convenience to the local society and they do not have to go to far-flung and expensive salons. You may provide services to a great number of customers and grow your business by serving more people.

Fitness Centers – Small Investment:

Fitness centers or they are also known as Gyms, may also be started with a medium level investment of about 1-5 Lacs, depending on the magnitude of the center and the installation of the equipment.

Fitness Centers – Small Investment

The fast-paced and office lives of the people have left them static, they move very less. So, to keep themselves healthy and fit they look towards these gyms to stay healthy. This is the need of the day and you may exploit such a golden opportunity.

Private Education Institutions – Medium Investment:

Private Educational Institutions are booming in Pakistan. This has become a trend and symbol status that the children of a person have joined a private academy type institution for extra educational activities and score higher.

Private Education Institutions – Medium Investment

This is indeed a profitable business, as it requires Rs. 1-10 Lacs minimum to take a place on rent and furnish it accordingly with furniture etc. Teachers are also available easily to at least teach small level classes.

These academies range from primary or middle-level classes to higher classes. Another trend is the academies for the preparation of the CSS exams, it is also very fruitful.

Real Estate Agency – Medium Investment:

The real estate agency business is one of the most top-class and high earning profit in Pakistan and also all over the world. It requires a medium level investment starting from Rs. 2-4 Lacs.

Real Estate Agency – Medium Investment

A person has to be active on the field to keep the real estate properties insight and have a good contact list of customers to make his business profitable. This business has great potential in Pakistan as the government is also giving concessions to the real estate industry. So, this is the real-time to launch a real estate agency and make unimaginable money in a short time.

E-Commerce Business – Small Investment:

E-commerce has been on the steep rise in the world in recent years and now also in Pakistan it is a great way to launch a business with a small investment. A person would need about Rs. 1 Lac.

E-Commerce Business – Small Investment

The trend to buy online especially in the lockdown situation of COVID-19 has boomed and the E-commerce business`s sales have shot through the roof whereas, other businesses got hurt this was the only business that made high roof profits.

Travel & Tourism Agency – Medium Investment:

The travel and Tourism sector has got the boom in Pakistan in recent times. This boom has been observed with the end of terrorism in Pakistan after one of the major military operations “Operation Zarb e Azb”.

Travel & Tourism Agency – Medium Investment

The provincial governments have also been taking solid steps to facilitate tourism and travel agencies. They have been provided added tourism facilities in tourist locations. Prime Minister Imran Khan takes personal interests and has made the people acknowledge the significance of tourism growth and potential in Pakistan.

He also tells the people that tourism in Pakistan has so much potential that external debts could be perhaps be handled with only the revenue generated by tourism. This is why tourism or travel agency is an excellent business option.

Retail Store- Small Investment:

Small scale grocery or General Store is very useful in small communities. It does not require much investment. This business could be started with just Rs. 1 Lac and it has the potential to grow rapidly as you would be providing daily things to the people.

Retail Store- Small Investment

Demands for such daily things never stop even if it’s lockdown or any curfew-like situation. People need things to consume and for this matter, they will have no choice to buy from your store. It is very profitable.

Mobile Accessory Stall – Small Investment:

Mobile accessories stall business is a sustainable business that enhances one’s capability to expand into diverse businesses such as mobile accessories, mobile hardware repair, mobile software repair, etc.

Mobile Accessory Stall - Small Investment

It could be started with the small scale investments, initially, a person might require around Rs. 1 Lac to 5 Lacs to start the business in Pakistan then grow it into a big one gradually.

Gem-Stone Stalls – Small Investment:

Gem-Stone stalls are one of the most convenient and profitable businesses in Pakistan. A person could even hang the portable stone carrier over his shoulder and move where ever he wants and sell in any market. A person would need a small investment of about Rs.50k to start up his small business and go to some market and start selling.

Gem-Stone Stalls - Small Investment

People love to wear rings with beautiful gemstones and they are rare in Pakistan so this business is small in scale but has great profit potential. Beautiful and precious stones are always in demand and it is hard to find the original stone sellers in the market so, you can build your reputation by becoming an honest and straightforward gem-sellers.

Digital Marketing Agency – Medium Investment:

In Pakistan with the advent of digitalization and cheap labor as compared to the other world, this business is the talk of the Town. A person would require to have some skill set and knowledge of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency - Medium Investment

Online Tutorial Services – No Investment:

In the times of lockdown due to the coronavirus, COVID-19 there this trend was observed that most of the educational activities on an individual level and from the big educational institutions such as universities shifted to the online tutorial classes for its effectiveness and efficiency from teaching from home place.

Online Tutorial Services – No Investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultancy – No Investment:

SEO Consultancy is anew boom in Pakistan. With the growth of the IT sector and most of the businesses shifting online, the need for higher rankings online has caused the need to hire SEO consultants in this regard. These SEO experts work out on keywords and by other means which tops the rankings of a platform or website higher on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultancy – No Investment

Personal Trainers – Medium Investment:

Personal trainers are in demand with celebrities who do not want to go out in public gyms. These high-end celebrities hire highly qualified personal fitness trainers who give personal training sessions in their gym or the gyms of the trainers. They may give individual or group sessions.

Personal Trainers - Medium Investment

If you have the skills of a trainer then this could be one of the most lucrative businesses which may or may not require any sort of investment. If you launch your gym, then you will have to invest in the gym for equipment etc. The investment may range from 3-20 Lacs initially, or depending upon the size of the gym and quality and quantity of the equipment.


21 leading small Business Ideas in Pakistan are completely applicable and profitable. No business idea is good or bad itself, What makes it effective and efficient is the level of innovation and hard work that you put into it. Your commitment and dedication to your business whether a small scale or large scale, will determine the success of your business. All you have to do is be honest and hardworking. For more information or details about the top-rated real estate projects like Blue World City or Blue World City Islamabad & Bahria Town Karachi 2, contact Tajarat Properties.