Satellite Town Faisalabad is one of the societies approved by the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA).  It is built on Faisalabad – Samundri Road, locally it is called Samundri Road. The housing society is located only a few min drive away from the city of Faisalabad.

The town offers a and comfortable lifestyle to its residents. Moreover, it provides the residents with all the basic and modern facilities. The residential and commercial plots of various sizes are available for sale at very affordable prices.

The town is one of the best and reliable housing societies in Faisalabad. As it is not a contemporary housing society, it houses many residents who enjoy a quality life within the premises of the town. Furthermore, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Satellite Town is approved by Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA).

Satellite Town Faisalabad Owners & Developers:

The developers of Satellite Town Faisalabad are comprised of a group of individuals who are very able and qualified architects, engineers, and planners. They have planned the residential society in a manner that could stand on its own amidst all the renowned nearby residential societies of Lahore city.

The developers intend to live up to the expectations of the residents; hence they have built the society in a modern way that provides the residents all the necessities of daily life.

Satellite Town Faisalabad NOC:

The Satellite Town is a legal housing society as it has the No Objection Certificate (NOC) approved by Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA). It implies that the town has the lawful approval for all kinds of developments within the Satellite Town. All kinds of constructions in the town follow the rules proposed by FDA.

Satellite Town Faisalabad Location:

The location of Satellite Town Faisalabad is located on Samundri Road. Moreover, the society is surrounded by other housing societies:

Satellite Town Faisalabad Location

Nearby Landscapes & Places:

Following are a few nearby landmarks and places:

  • Rasheed Nagar
  • Gulshan-e-Rafiq
  • Imtiaz Villas
  • Aziz Town
  • Abdullah Colony
  • Farooqabad
  • Asim Town
  • Nisar Colony
  • Zulfiqar Colony
  • Sandhu Town
  • Murad Colony
  • Muhammad Nagar
  • Gulshan-e-Haram

Satellite Town Faisalabad nearby landmarks

The Satellite Town Faisalabad location is not very far from the main Faisalabad city.


Following are a few accessibility points for Satellite Town:

  • Almost 13 minutes drive to Faisalabad Railway Station
  • Almost 15 minutes drive to GTS Bus Station
  • Almost 19 minutes drive to Iqbal Cricket Stadium
  • Almost 26 minutes drive to Faisalabad International Airport

Satellite Town Faisalabad accessibilty

Satellite Town Faisalabad Layout Details:

The Satellite Town Faisalabad intends to build a town that provides all the basic and modern necessities to its residents. Most of these facilities are already enjoyed by the residents, so many people are interested in buying the properties in the town.

The town has its schools, multiple mosques, general stores, food chains, saloons, and a football field. The developers are looking forward to adding parks and gardens into the town to enhance the beauty of the town.

The Satellite Town offers residential as well as commercial plots. The people interested in buying quality properties at reasonable prices must invest in the Satellite Town plots. These plots are very popular among the people of Faisalabad as they are aware of the successful name of the town and want to associate their names with it.

People are looking for opportunities to invest their money by buying residential and commercial plots in Satellite Town. One of the reasons for the popularity of the town is that it is sited right in the middle of inhabited and busy areas.

Even though the town is already very popular, it intends to make further improvements in town for the people. For this purpose, the developers plan to add more spots in town where the public could go for relaxation purposes. These spots would include parks, gardens, playgrounds, restaurants, and shopping centers.


The Satellite Town Faisalabad is split up into various blocks and each block is then further categorized into numerous streets. The streets are named in numeric digits which are convenient and easy to remember.


The Satellite Town proposes residential and commercial plots of various sizes. Most of the plots have been sold, and only a few are left to buy. Every plot in the town has the facility of electricity, Sui gas, water supply, sewage system, and boundary wall.

Following are the residential plots of various sizes:

  • 2 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The town offers an installment plan for those who cannot pay all the payments in cash.

Satellite Town Faisalabad Payment Plan:

Following are the payment plans pf Satellite Town Faisalabad:

Satellite Town Faisalabad Payment Plan

Note: It is essential to mention here that the real estate property prices never remain the same.

Facilities and Amenities:

The Satellite Town Faisalabad is equipped with basic amenities, including water, gas, electricity, and security. Other crucial facilities are also available in the town: general stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, shopping centers, hardware stores, mosques, and restaurants.

Markets and Shopping Centers:

Many shops are built within the town which are within walking distance of the residents’ houses. People can buy the items for their daily use at very reasonable prices. Everything is available in these shops, be it grocery products or electronics; these shops have various items that are needed by the people normally.

Some of the important grocery stores include Bismillah General Store, Shiekh General Store, Rana General Store, Al-Jannat General, and Wholesale Store, Al Madina General Store, Rana Town Grocery Store, Qasir Kiryana Store, Asim Kiryana Store, Ghafar Kiryana Store, Awan Milk House, Mughal Aata Chakki, Laasani General Store and Aata Chakki, Asim Hosiery and Rana Ahsan Gori House, and Malik Pan Shop and Kiryana Store

Clothing Stores:

Several quality clothing stores are also sited in the town. For instance, Zin Mirza House Clothing Store, Riwaaj Stitch Shop, Al Mujeeb Fabrics, and Zam Zam Fabrics and Boutique.

Pharmacies and Cosmetic Store:

Several pharmacies and cosmetic stores are also situated within the town. These pharmacies and cosmetic stores are Pak Medical Store, Hamza Medicos, Ishrat Cosmetic Store, and Shah Ji Cosmetics and Gift Center. Most of the hospitals are located near the town.

Hardware Stores /Electronics Stores:

Diera Rana Owais, Hafeez Nawaz Mobiles are quality electronics stores in the town.

Petrol Pump:

PSO Petrol Pump and Go Sitara Petrol Pump are located very close to the town.


There are many mosques and madrassas within the town. Every block of the town can easily access a mosque Jamia Masjid Asad (Choti Masjid), Jamia Masjid Nimra, Noorul Huda Islamic Center, Fatima Mosque, Jamia Masjid Siddiqia, Madrisa Abu Bakar (R.A), and Dilawar Shah Masjid and Darbar.

Educational Institutes:

Al Barkat School System is found within the premises of the town; Al Barkat park is also very close to the school. Dilawar House Police Academy is also situated in the town. Similarly, Pasban College of Health and Sciences, Government Girls Primary School, and Anmol Public High School are close to Satellite Town.

Food Courts:

The town has many spots where people can hang out with their friends and family. There are various food courts where people can enjoy quality food. Some of the known food courts within the town are Russian Salad Bar, Abdullah Pakwan Center, Farooq Pakwan and Catering, Taj Mahal Foods, Bhai Chicken Shwarma and Burgers, Naeem Berger Point and Chicken Shwarma, Raja Hotel, and Amjad Gol Gappay.

Eco-friendly Environment:

The environment of the town is very climate-friendly. There are plants and flowers at most of the spots in the town. The town also has many parks and gardens which help in enhancing the beauty of the town. Moreover, there are no big factories or industries located in the town which may contribute to the pollution.

Salient Features:

Following are the salient features of the housing scheme:

  • Covered on a large land area
  • Located nearby Tariq Saleem Road, Karim Road, and Samundri Road
  • Provided with the facilities like general stores, markets, pharmacies, mosques, schools, salons, restaurants, and cafes
  • 24/7 supply of basic utilities; water, gas, electricity
  • Well-gated community
  • CCTV cameras
  • Well-carpeted Roads
  • Spacious streets
  • Lies in the proximity of popular residential societies
  • Nearby educational institutes
  • Nearby petrol pumps
  • Nearby shopping centers
  • Nearby pharmacies

Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros and cons of the housing scheme:

Pros Cons
Built very close to the main city of Faisalabad Limited plots are available due to investors’ higher interest in the said plots
Equipped with the basic and modern facilities
Offers a secure and comfortable environment
Properties are at very reasonable prices
Offers good investment opportunities
Eco Friendly
No complaint concerns about authorizations or NOCs

Why invest in Satellite Town Faisalabad?

  • The main city of Faisalabad is just a few minutes’ drive away
  • Several known residential areas are nearby
  • The plots are available at really affordable rates
  • You would be able to make huge profits due to the town’s popularity
  • No illegitimate construction
  • It is equipped with all the necessities of daily life
  • The streets and roads are very wide and open
  • The environment is very safe and secure
  • The environment is climate-friendly
  • The infrastructure of the town is very stable
  • The parks, fields, and gardens add to the beauty of the town
  • Shopping centers, pharmacies, and educational institutes are close to the residential areas
  • Numerous food courts within town provide tasty food

Guidelines to Follow Before Purchase of Property in Satellite Town Faisalabad:

The guidelines to follow are:

Document Confirmation:

Please, make sure that you have verified all the documents and are completely satisfied with them. Likewise, do inquire about the approved NOC of the housing society by the FDA. In this way, customer satisfaction can be ensured.

Financial Security:

Before settling any deal to buy the property, please ensure that you have enough resources to purchase the property. In this way, there will not be any problem related to the purchase of the property.

Site Inspection:

Before one buys the property or even verifies the documents, make sure to visit the property you want to buy so that you are can make an informed decision of buying the property you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is Satellite Town Faisalabad?

Ans: Satellite Town is one of the oldest and reliable residential societies in Faisalabad.

Q: Where is Satellite Town Faisalabad located?

Ans: The Satellite Town Faisalabad is located on Faisalabad – Samundri Road.

Q: Is Satellite Town Faisalabad a legal housing society?

Ans: Satellite Town is an entirely legal society, and it possesses the NOC approved by FDA.

Q: What types of plots are available in the residential society?

Ans: Residential plots, as well as, commercial plots are available in Satellite Town Faisalabad.

Q: What sizes of residential plots are available in Satellite Town Faisalabad?

Ans: The residential plots of 2 Marla, 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla are offered in Satellite Town.

Q: Does the society have an installment plan?

Ans: Yes, the society provides interested parties with an installment plan as well.

Q: Is Satellite Town safe?

Ans: The Satellite Town is very safe. It has several CCTV cameras to keep an eye on any kind of illegal activity. Moreover, the security vehicles keep on patrolling all day long.

Q: Which facilities the Satellite Town offer?

Ans: The Satellite Town provides all the basic facilities, including gas, water, electricity, roads, hospitals, schools, colleges, mosques, restaurants, parlor, saloons, parks, gardens, shopping centers, and security.

Q: How can I book my plot in Satellite Town?

Ans: The booking of the plot in Satellite Town is very easy. The things that you require for this process is:

  • Copy of your ID card
  • Your passport size picture
  • Down payment in the form of a cheque, cash, and pay order


The Satellite Town Faisalabad is a popular, old, and reliable housing society in Faisalabad. The town is located on Faisalabad – Samundri Road, which leads to the main city of Faisalabad. Several known housing societies are within reach of the town. The town is very secure and equipped with numerous CCTV cameras.

The town offers many plots, which include both residential as well as commercial plots, at really reasonable rates. The residents enjoy a quality life here. Hence, Tajarat Properties recommends you investing in Satellite Town Faisalabad.

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