Blue World City Cricket Stadium 

The Blue World City is the purpose-built first-ever tourist spot that is going to be the most popular project in the real estate industry. The main goal of the developers is to provide world-class amenities and elite-class living standards to the residents of Islamabad.

With delivering so many tourist attractions inside the community, the developers are launching Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City.

Additionally, this Cricket Stadium will be built near Modern Avenue which is quite opposite the Overseas Block in the Sports Valley. A highly professional team of engineers, architects, designers, and planners is working hard on the completion of this amazing project.

This will be the biggest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan that will host international cricket in the coming future. With the construction of the cricket stadium, the worth of this housing society will increase.

Moreover, a large number of investors are investing in this project due to the increasing demand and high-class features. This housing project will bring a large amount of revenue that will boost the local economy. Hence, it’s worth investing project that will provide you high potential benefits in return.

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Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan

The largest Cricket Stadium will be built in the Sports Valley of this housing society which will be the best spot for sports enthusiasts. It will be built along many high-rate commercial towers that will make it the best area of this housing society.

The main objective of the developers of this housing society is to make a revolution in Pakistan’s real estate industry.

With the launching of Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City, the sports activities of local and international players will increase. The total capacity of this cricket stadium is approximately 55,000 viewers.

Which is much more than the other cricket stadiums. Hence, this is the best place to have a large crown in just one place.

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Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan


High-end Features of BWC Cricket Stadium

The following are the high-end features of Blue World City Cricket Stadium that make it unique from other cricket stadiums in Pakistan:

Exceptional Ground:

The developers of this housing society are going to make space of the highest quality that will create a stunning look for visitors. High-quality machinery and material will be used in the construction of this cricket stadium.

The high-quality cricket ground will enable the players to play an excellent game with all the services and features. In addition, the goal of the developers and management is not to just meet the needs of local players but of international players.

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Blue World City Exceptional Ground


Prime Location:

One of the best features of it is the prime location and easy accessibility for all the people and residents. It will be located quite near Sunset Boulevard which will be easily accessible from Defense Road.

It will also be near the Rawalpindi Ring Road and M-2 (Lahore to Islamabad) Motorway. Hence, the spectators and investors can reach this ideal site within just a few minutes.

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Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium Prime Location


Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium:

The cricket ground will be Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City with all the facilities and features. The total capacity of the views in this cricket stadium will be approximately 55,0000 spectators.

Which is much more than the other cricket stadiums in Pakistan. This magnificent and largest cricket stadium will be constructed in the Blue World City Sports Valley.

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Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium


Dressing Rooms:

Inside this stadium, there will be about two or more dressing rooms will be available. Moreover, the dressing rooms will be so big that will provide enough space for the players to rest or do their activities.


Cricket Stadium Dressing Rooms


Shadow-less LED Lights:

In the surrounding of this cricket stadium, there will be shadow-less LED lights. These shadow-less LED lights will help the players during their game on the ground.

With the installation of these lights, the developers are eager to provide the best possible playing experience to all local and international players.

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Cricket Stadium Shadow-less LED Lights



The most unique feature of Blue World City is the construction of the largest Cricket Stadium inside the community which will attract investors and residents.

Additionally, there are so many features that make it a worth-investing project such as a secured environment, eco-friendly surroundings, prime location, world-class features, and renowned developers.

This is going to be a paradise for sports enthusiasts due to the availability of all sports-related features and facilities. All the facilities and amenities will be available at the most reasonable rates in Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium in Blue World City. 

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