Islamabad: As per the latest news, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Amer Ali Ahmed, announced on Friday that PC-1 has been approved for the construction of six multi-story parking plazas in Islamabad’s major business districts, with work set to begin by the end of August.

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He said in an interview that the six multi-story parking plazas would be built in accordance with modern architecture so that, once completed, they would be a stunning and distinctive structure for parking in the capital city.

According to Amir Ali, each parking plaza would have five to eight storeys, with three suggested in the Blue Area, one in the F/10 sector, and others in the I/8 and F/8 sectors for the benefit and relief of visitors and business owners.

He stated that CDA is committed to handling the capital’s ever-increasing traffic and parking challenges, noting that the plan calls for the construction of six new parking plazas as well as the expansion and renovation of the city’s road network.

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Throughout response to a question, he said the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had upgraded and revived public toilets in the city, adding that the upgrading work of public toilets and sector parks was in full gear and that the makeover of all exciting parks would be completed within a few months.

After focusing on the CDA department’s financial stability, the chairman stated that their main aim is to provide more openness, reforms, and reorganization of officials.

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