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Islamabad: According to news released on Monday, a meeting of the Capital Development Authority Development Working Party (CDADWP) that was held on Tuesday to discuss about the sevral development projects to be started in the capital.

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According to the specifics, the conference will authorise the enlargement of flyovers and underpasses in Sectors G-5 and G-6, as well as neighbouring roadways on Ataturk Avenue, in order to enhance traffic flow. Furthermore, permissions will be given for the building, restoration, and repair of motorways up to Ayub Chowk in an effort to make Islamabad a safe and smart city.

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Moreover, at the meeting, the PC-1 of the Islamabad Bus Service project will be presented for approval. The project is scheduled to be finished in January 2022 and will be run without any subsidies. Another idea that will be offered for approval is the supply of cutting-edge machinery in-house to improve the environment department’s performance, which will aid in highway building and repair.

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