Lahore: According to WASA MD Syed Zahid Aziz, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) of Lahore and Mardan has been selected to receive funds totaling EUR 7.1 million from the European Union (EUWater )’s Operator Partnership initiative.

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WASA Lahore and Mardan filed for Budapest Water Works through Pakistan Water Operators Network, according to information. The two firms were the only ones from the South Asian region to be chosen for this initiative. The WASA MD stated that the firms’ selection for this programme was an honour.

WASA Lahore and WASA Mardan will collaborate with Budapest Water Works, according to MD Zahid. The firms will work on technology awareness, clean water and sanitation, and experience sharing as part of this project.

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WASA Lahore and Mardan will be able to enhance their IT system, training, SCADA system, customer service, and other services as a result of this three-year initiative. WASA Mardan and Lahore staff would also have foreign training possibilities, according to MD Zahid Aziz.

Furthermore, the EU will support the Water Operator Partnership and assist in the achievement of sustainable development goals through the Global Water Operators Partnership.

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