Peshawar: Pakistani police closed the Torkham border for several hours after the Taliban gained control of Nangarhar province on Sunday, but it was reopened for commerce trucks on Monday.

According to Customs authorities, stranded export and transit cars were cleared and dispatched to Afghanistan following the reopening of Torkham Gate. Similarly, cars carrying Afghan import items like fresh fruit, vegetables, and dry fruits were permitted entry into Pakistan.

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During the shift of power in the war-torn country, Mohammadullah, a truck driver, claimed that carrying commodities in Afghanistan has become a difficult undertaking.

Hundreds of freight vehicles are currently on the road from Kabul to Torkham, according to Khyber Khan, another driver who brings fresh fruit from Afghanistan. Due to the Taliban’s takeover, he added, most of the cars are having trouble clearing customs because there is no staff on the Afghan side of the border to clear products.

According to Niaz Mohammad, an exporter, the current scenario has severely harmed the Pak-Afghan commerce because Pakistani traders are unwilling to risk selling items to Afghan markets. In these conditions, he continued, Kabul will order commodities from other countries.

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The Pak-Afghan border, Torkham, was totally closed for all types of transportation and pedestrians after the Taliban conquered Nangarhar, and a large detachment of Pakistan security forces, including Pakistan Army troops, FC, and police officials, were placed at the gate, who are on high alert.

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