Karachi: According to press reports, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the municipal administration to provide a report on the development of the Gulbai to Hawke’s Bay road project on Monday.

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According to reports, the court ordered the Lyari Development Authority’s (LDA) Director General Muhammad Ishaque Khuhro, the Karachi Development Authority’s (KDA) planning and design director, and others to provide a report on the removal of encroachments along the road.

According to the information, after hearing Advocate Uzma’s plea, the SHC requested that the authorities expedite road development as well as the removal of encroachment in order to maintain the city’s smooth traffic flow. The petitioner claimed that having a truck stop along the route causes not only road wear and tear, but also contributes to traffic bottlenecks and long lines of cars during rush hour.

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During the hearing, it was revealed that the petition had been filed with the court in 2019, but that no formal response had been given. The SHC bench has given the officials one month to deliver a full project report.

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