According to media reports, Education Minister Dr Murad Raas revealed that the government aims to construct separate schools for the transgender community in several locations on Tuesday. In Multan, the first-ever school for the transgender community has opened.

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During the Insaf Afternoon School Programme (IASP) event, the minister noted that the government has chosen not to enrol the transgender community in conventional schools because of the obstacles they confront in school. He went on to add that their treatment is demeaning and that, as a result, separate schools for the transgender population should be formed.

The education minister also complimented teachers and chief executive officers for their roles in the province’s successful enrollment push. He also mentioned that under the IASP, specific schools will be chosen to be improved before reopening. Furthermore, by July 15, registration for such schools will be completed.

Dr Murad Raas also announced that the Single National Curriculum would be implemented on August 1, 2021, to raise educational standards.

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