Islamabad: The Senate Standing Committee on Electricity has requested a full report on power generation company (GENCO) losses, as well as the names and contact information for all GENCO board members from 2000 to the present.

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Senator Saifullah Abro, who chairs the Senate Standing Committee on Power, convened a meeting on Wednesday to discuss concerns relating to GENCOs, such as losses, repair and maintenance, and rehabilitation of de-licensed public sector enterprises, among other things.

Senator Saifullah Abro, who spoke at the event, stated that public sector enterprises are the country’s assets, and that the committee’s role is to help them recover. During the Senate Standing Committee on Power’s next meeting, he also requested a full report on the closure of power sector businesses, as well as a detailed report on the cost of these power plants, the year of installation, and future strategy.

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Senator Saifullah Abro questioned why an enormous deal was reached with IPPs and NEPRA did not react. He added that rehabilitation of power plants should be made instead of stopping them from power production.

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