Islamabad: The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) has established an oversight committee chaired by a serving apex court judge to oversee the development of a housing plan for the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Park Road in Islamabad.

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At its 13th meeting, the FGEHA’s executive board determined that the SCBA would help the authority with land-related matters, including litigation cases pending in various courts. The proposal will also be implemented in stages, with the first phase being the acquisition of 4100 Kanals of land in Mauza Mohrian.

The SCBA will assist the FGEHA in procuring 4100 Kanal of land in Mauza Mohrian, as well as land for the construction of a 150-foot-wide access road from Mauza Tamma, while the FGEHA will finish the development work. This land will be set aside for SCBA members alone.

Furthermore, the 4100 Kanal land will be purchased using one of two methods: price considerations or a land-sharing formula, with the allottees bearing the development costs. Furthermore, 250 plots will be allocated to federal government employees out of the total plots in the society’s first phase, which will be compensated to the SCBA in succeeding phases of the plan.

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