Karachi: According to news published, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has issued a caution to citizens against acquiring ‘illegal portions/small flats’ in multistory structures that are mushrooming in Karachi.

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Officials from the authorities have also declared that they will take action against ten structures in Jamshed Town that include many illegal sections or flats. These structures, which comprise tiny two- or three-bedroom flats, were built without the consent of the necessary authorities. According to reports, the developers of these projects would benefit by selling the structures to unwary individuals who may subsequently face legal penalties.

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Officials with the SBCA warn that unlicensed structures are often made of substandard materials and pose a risk to people during natural disasters such as earthquakes. These low-quality buildings are built on 100- to 200-yard plots and are devoid of essential utilities.

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