Lakki Marwat: The government would spend Rs600 million upgrading the District Headquarters Hospital in Lakki Marwat, giving it with standard healthcare amenities, according to provincial health minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra.

On Wednesday, during a visit to the DHQ hospital and the basic health unit in the Shahbazkhel neighbourhood, the minister stated that the upgrading of the major health facility in Lakki will allow people to receive quality treatment at their doorstep.

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Over public complaints about the DHQ hospital’s poor amenities, the minister ordered the medical superintendent’s departure. Mr Jhagra also paid a visit to the District Headquarters Complex in Tajazai, where he inspected the Rescue 1122 station as well as government building repair and restoration work.

He said that the Sehat Insaf Card initiative has allowed people in distant areas to receive free, high-quality healthcare. He stated that the programme would cover the treatment of more ailments. Earlier in the day, the health minister told a press conference in Dera Ismail Khan that under the Sehat Insaf Card scheme, any person of the province may get treatment worth Rs1 million.

At the press conference, federal minister Ali Amin Gandapur was also present. Mr Jhagra stated that 300,000 citizens benefited from free health treatments in the last six months, from February to August.

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Hospitals in the districts of South Waziristan, Tank, and Dera are being upgraded, he said, to give better healthcare to patients. He claimed that the provincial government had already hired 200 physicians and 50 nurses for Dera hospitals, and that a grant of Rs. 60 million had been approved for the development of basic health-care facilities throughout the division.

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