Kohat: Following an agreement with the army on the razing of barracks, the provincial government has finally sanctioned Rs. 380 million for the widening of the road between Kutcheri Chowk and PAF Square after a two-decade delay. The widening of the popular road will assist to relieve traffic congestion in Kohat.

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On Saturday, Mansoor Khan, the public relations officer for Shehryar Afridi, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on Kashmir, informed Dawn that the project would be finished in three parts. He added that plenty of parking spots would be built to ensure smooth traffic flow in the congested neighborhood.

Mr Mansoor stated that the road will cost Rs. 80 million in total, with the remainder of the approved cash going to merchants, market owners, and the army as compensation. He said that the road expansion project had been in the works for more than two decades.

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According to Deputy Chief Warden Arab Jan, the busiest road was only around 15 feet to 18 feet wide at times, generating traffic congestion. Despite the deployment of wardens at several locations, he said vehicles took more than half an hour to travel a one-kilometer stretch of road owing to gridlock.

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