Rawalpindi: According to media reports published yesterday, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and district administration have begun marking land to be bought for the Leh Expressway and Flood Channel project (November 29).

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A collaborative team of RDA’s land and engineering sections, as well as the District Land Revenue Department, has been formed to work on land demarcation, according to a senior RDA official (whose identity was not given).

He went on to say that the Leh Nullah was divided between cantonment and city zones. The cantonment zones would be demarcated in the first phase, while property within the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation will be delineated in the second phase.

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Furthermore, the government would cover the cost of constructions on leased property, while private landowners along the Leh Nullah will be compensated for their land. The RDA has requested that its supply pipes and tube wells be relocated to the Leh Nullah by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA). WASA will conduct a survey of the region following the land demarcation.

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Another RDA official added that civic agencies will submit price details for land and government structures, which will then be verified by the district administration using land records to become part of PC-1. He went on to claim that the land demarcation will be finished in a month and that land purchase will then begin.

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