Rawalpindi: Despite clear government instructions, the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) failed to take action against unauthorised construction.

According to a senior RCB official, the RCB was unable to apply its ordinances requiring space to be allotted for parking in commercial plazas in the city’s main commercial area, Saddar, because traders are also exploiting the basements for commercial reasons.

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According to the ordinances, a commercial plaza owner must set aside 20 feet in front of the building for parking and designate the basement for parking. In Saddar, however, there isn’t a single square with designated parking.

According to the ordinances, a third-story is not permitted in domestic units, however people have built additional storeys in their homes. The cantonment board’s building branch, he claimed, had turned a blind eye to the problem.

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When contacted, Secretary General Zafar Qadri of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Traders Organisation said the association will assist the civic authority in enforcing the construction ordinances. He claimed that the traders had informed the station commander that they would work with him to remove businesses from the basements and repurpose the space for parking.

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