Rawalpindi: The first Miyawaki forest in Rawalpindi will open to visitors and families in October, according to a news source (August 15). The forest is located near Rialto Chowk, Murree Road, and it contains 8,500 plants of 40 different types.

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With financial support from traders, the business community, and industry associations, as well as gifts from immigrants from the United States, the forest plantation process was finished in April. The plants have reportedly grown to a substantial height of up to 10 feet. The monsoon rains have accelerated the growth of the plants. Artificial nests will be placed for the birds to make this jungle their home.

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In addition, the chairman noted that traditional Pothohar fruit trees have been planted in the Miyawaki forest and will bear fruit by 2022. The forest beautifying project, as well as the construction of a walking route and the placement of benches given by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce President Nasir Mirza, will be completed shortly, he added.

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