Islamabad: Pakistan’s exports to Italy, as well as worker remittances, continue to climb at an all-time high, according to new data released on Thursday. Ambassador Jauhar Saleem, Pakistan’s envoy to Italy, told the media that Italy has become Pakistan’s greatest source of remittances from the European Union (EU) and Europe’s second largest after the United Kingdom (UK).

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Jahaur praised the 200,000-strong Pakistani diaspora in Italy, which he said has been a source of pride and support for the home nation while also contributing to the Italian economy.

He cited the legalisation of thousands of undocumented Pakistani workers through an Italian amnesty programme, Pakistan’s inclusion in the Italian Seasonal Work Visa Program, the State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) consumer-friendly financial products and programmes, and the Pakistan Embassy’s awareness campaign to promote formal remittance channels as the main factors driving the unprecedented remittance from Italy growth.

The ambassador also stated that, in light of improved market circumstances in Italy, the embassy is concentrating its efforts on assisting Pakistani entrepreneurs with marketing and business matchmaking.

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He claimed that there was considerable interest in expanding economic connections with Pakistan in Italy, based on his recent discussions with Italian government officials and companies.

He added that a 30-member Pakistani leather delegation signed contracts worth €11.9 million with Italian companies last month, and that a delegation of 16 Pakistani leather garments and sportswear companies will visit Italy next month.

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