Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) violated its tender specifications by installing lights along Attaturk Avenue. According to sources, the electrical and mechanical (E&M) wing was scheduled to install Philips company’s bulbs/lights model 392 along the highway as per the tender specification.

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According to the reports, there was no room for replacing the lights because the tender documents stated that 392 Philips type bulbs would be fitted. They explained that in most cases, an agreement specifies whether lights from a specific manufacturer or bulbs of comparable quality from another company should be installed.

However, because there was no such clause in this particular tender, the engineering wing was obligated to have the bulbs placed in line with the stated requirements. According to sources, the issue was recently brought to the attention of CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, who authorised an investigation led by a director general.

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According to the report, instead of Philips bulbs, another company’s bulbs were placed, which were less expensive. According to the sources, the E&M branch received approval from the member engineer under the guise that Philips lights were not accessible in Pakistan and that importing them from China would take too long.

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