Lahore: According to press reports, the Lahore Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and the Mardan Water and Sanitation Company (MWSC) have been chosen to implement a new strategy aimed at preserving groundwater reserves by reducing wastage.

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The Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP) policy will be implemented in cooperation with Budapest Waterworks (BWW) in Hungary and the European Union (EU). Under the plan agreed to and allowed by the EU, the agencies would execute the WOP to preserve and manage water resources in their respective territories.

The BWW will support agencies in implementing NRW (non-revenue water) level rules, which will aid in the conservation of subsurface water resources by minimising waste and needless use. The BWW is widely regarded as a leader in water resource management, and it will help the agency address some of its most critical issues.

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Currently, the WASA is primarily responsible for transporting and distributing water supplies to the city via obsolete water and sewage infrastructure. The agency hopes to address operational, infrastructure, income, and training issues, as well as improve water conservation capability, with the help of BWW.

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