Malakand: To improve meat output in the province, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is building roughly 380 trout fish farms, principally in the Malakand and Hazara divisions.

Officials from the Fisheries Department stated on Monday that 287 trout fish farms are being built in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Development Programmed’s Development of Cold Water Fisheries Project (DCWFP) at a cost of Rs772.148 million.

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In Malakand and Hazara divisions, roughly 93 are being created under the Establishment of Trout Villages’ Project (ETVP) at a cost of Rs395.49 million. Upper Swat’s Kalam, Madain, Kaghan, Naran, Mahodhand, Malam Jabba, and Kurram tribal district’s Naran, Kaghan, Siran, and Upper Manshera, as well as Parachinar, are good for trout farming.

The climate of the Upper Malakand and Hazara divisions is ideal for trout farming, with lots of cold water reservoirs like as the Kunhar and Swat rivers nearby to boost marine food supply. The work on these megaprojects began in 2019-20, and ETVP will be completed this fiscal year, while PMAGDP will be completed next fiscal year.

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According to the source, Rs203 million had been spent on the trout village project as of June last year, with Rs192.949 million set aside for the current fiscal year. Similarly, by June 2021, Rs233 million will have been spent on developing cold water fisheries projects, with Rs75 million set aside for the current fiscal year.

He claimed a model hatchery and research centre would be built in Swat as part of the trout villages project. According to him, roughly 200 people have signed up to start trout fish farms in KP. The KP government and beneficiaries would each contribute 50% of the cost of each share for the establishment of trout farms throughout the province.

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