Islamabad: According to press reports, the Islamabad Police Department has established a digital control room to increase the interaction of police officers with civilians in order to give the finest services possible.

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The Inspector General of Police (IGP) visited the digital control room to assess the police engagement with complainants, according to the details. With the use of this system, the offices of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) may oversee the operations of police stations, it was revealed. Both officials are allowed to interact with complainants during their visits, with the Additional Inspector General (AIG) being required to do so for an hour each day.

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The dialogue between the complainants and the police officers will also be recorded. The service is intended to be extended to zonal (Superintendent of Police) SPs and Sub-divisional Police Officers’ offices (SDPOs). Station House Officers’ (SHOs) offices, front desks of police stations, muharrars, and police guides’ outfits are all being outfitted with the most up-to-date cameras. The adoption of this system, according to the IGP Islamabad, will help monitor police officials’ interactions with residents and ensure effective policing.

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