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Islamabad: According to media sources, the Islamabad Master Plan Review Commission ruled on Tuesday (December 14) that Zone 4’s sub-zone D will contain vertical constructions in the metropolis.

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According to the facts, the commission decided to work on construction rules for Zone 4-D of Islamabad during its last meeting in order to promote vertical development and maintain green areas.

According to existing rules, the sub-zone covers 23,618 acres of land and is dedicated for nature conservation projects, agro-farming, sports, recreation, and entertainment zones, among other things. The commission also voted to propose a strategy to reduce the home footprint in Zone 4 from 55 feet to 20-25 percent during the meeting.

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In addition, the commission will make recommendations for the implementation and enforcement of building by-laws in Islamabad’s suburbs to regulate unlawful buildings and housing schemes.

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