Islamabad: According to news released on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to open the Western Corridor of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on December 16. (December 11).

The four-lane highway will connect Hakla Interchange to Dera Ismail (D.I.) Khan on the Islamabad to Peshawar (M-1) Motorway, according to the details. A 292.5-kilometer four-lane highway with 398 culverts, 119 underpasses, 36 bridges, 33 flyovers, and 11 interchanges makes up the Western Corridor. Aside from the highway, the project will comprise a 100-meter right-of-way built over 62,900 kanals.

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It’s worth noting that the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the Hakla-D.I. Khan Motorway in 2016, at a cost of PKR 110,208 million. The revised construction cost was PKR 90,702.97 million, with five packages being built. The following are the specifics:

  • Package 1 included a 54.6-kilometre-long road section from Yarak to Rehmani Khel
  • Package 2 included a 71.2-kilometre-long road section from Rehmani Khel to Kot Belian
  • Package 3 included a 52.5-kilometre-long road section from Kot Belian to Tarap
  • Package 4 included a 51.2-kilometre-long road section from Tarap to Pindi Gheb
  • Package 5 included a 63-kilometre-road section long from Pindi Gheb to Hakla

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Locals will profit from the project since it will promote regional trade, reduce travel time and fuel consumption, and provide convenient access to farms and markets. The road is surrounded by various tourist attractions; therefore, it will help to enhance tourism. The Maple Leaf Cement Factory and Industrial Zone at Skindarabad, the Jinnah and Chashma Barrage, the Hilly Valley, and Sheikh Badeen Hill Station are among the tourist attractions.

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