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Islamabad: According to news reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on Monday (September 13) that the government’s top goal is to strengthen the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) policy and make it easier for investors.

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Foreign direct investment and industrialization of the nation by foreign businesses, according to PM Khan, would increase job possibilities and economic benefits for the local populace. He was chatting with Nong Rong, China’s ambassador to Pakistan, and a delegation of Chinese investors and business executives.

He believes Pakistani firms can learn a lot from Chinese companies, notably in agriculture, fisheries, vegetables and fruits, high-yielding animals, and information technology. The Chinese delegation praised Pakistan’s government’s pro-business policies and showed interest in extending investment opportunities in the nation.

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China’s ambassador Nong Rong, federal ministers Hammad Azhar, Shaukat Tareen, and Asad Umer, Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Khalid Mansoor, and other high-ranking officials were among those who attended the meeting.

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