Islamabad: Due to elevated coal prices on the international market, which have been hovering around $230 per metric tonne, the government has set a target to produce roughly 6,900,000 tonnes of coal for the current fiscal year (FY22) to meet national energy needs.

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According to a senior official familiar with the petroleum sector’s activities, the government set the ambitious objective for the current fiscal year after successfully achieving the previous fiscal year’s target of generating 3,800,000 tonnes of coal.

According to him, coal, both domestic and imported, accounts for roughly 19.2% of the country’s energy mix requirements.

Geological experts are preparing a technical report based on the initial analysis of samples gathered from the field, according to the official, who was speaking about recently discovered coal resources in Badin and bordering districts of Southern Sindh. ” The thickness of coal seams ranged from 2.30 metres for the thickest to 0.17 metres for the thinnest, with a total of 78 coal seams found totaling 52.01 metres in thickness.

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Around 2,500 square kilometres of uncharted land were thoroughly inspected through drilling activities, and the presence of coal in Badin and the surrounding areas was proven.

According to the official, the explored block has 33.893 million tonnes of proven coal reserves, 305.082 million tonnes of indicated coal reserves, and 4,219.498 million tonnes of inferred coal reserves. Experts believe the project will improve the country’s coal supplies and contribute significantly to the country’s much-needed energy balance.

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