Islamabad: According to news reports, the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) has selected to hire commercial contractors to manage the horticulture work of sections G-13 and G-14. Soon, an advertisement in the country’s top newspapers will be issued in this regard.

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FGEHA has hired a private firm rather than creating a new horticulture department, according to individuals close to the situation, because the latter is more expensive to run. The beautification work, which includes road infrastructure, green belts, and ornamental work, will initially be outsourced for PKR 24 million per year.

Additional work will be done as needed by the appointed firm. It’s worth noting that G-13 is a fully developed industry, whereas G-14 is just partially developed.

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According to reports, FGEHA is the sole developer of both sectors and is in charge of civic facilities. However, the authority is having difficulties supplying drinkable water to these areas. G-13 is now receiving water from the G-10 sector via tankers at subsidised prices.

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