Kurram: According to authorities, two groups fought over a land dispute in Kurram tribal district on Thursday, killing eight people and injuring eleven others. Three of the injured have been described as being in critical condition.

Residents of Sherjan Kallay and Sago Kallay had a dispute over the ownership of shamilat, or common communal property, in Kurram district’s bottom subdivision, according to police.

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According to reports, competing parties ran into one other early in the morning and exchanged heated remarks, leading to an armed confrontation. Residents of both villages responded to heavy gunfire, killing six individuals on the scene and injuring another 13 people. Local elders voiced worry over the incident’s fatalities, claiming that despite the tension, the police and district administration did not respond quickly enough to prevent a slaughter.

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Agha Muzamil Hussain, a community leader, claimed that disagreements between tribes over ownership of shamilat land had become common, causing a law and order problem in the region. He asked the chief minister to take efforts toward resolving tribal land issues.

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