Islamabad: According to news reports, the Ministry of Commerce released a statistics report on Thursday (November 10) showing that the growth of eight export-oriented industries climbed by 28.67 percent in the first four months of fiscal year (FY) 2021-22. Between July and October of this year, these sectors grew by USD 5.632 billion, compared to USD 4.377 billion in the same months previous year. The following are the details of the sectors that experienced double-digit percentile increase, according to the reports:

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  • USD 131 million export of synthetic fabric
  • USD 270 million from women’s garments
  • USD 330 million from the export of jerseys and cardigans
  • USD 398 million in cotton yarn export
  • USD 502 million in the export of rice
  • USD 745 million in cotton fabric
  • USD 1.54 billion in men fabric products
  • USD 1.575 billion in home textiles

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According to statistics, the United States was the top destination for Pakistani exports, with a 33 percent increase to USD 2.08 billion from USD 1.558 billion the previous year. Exports to the United Kingdom (UK) climbed by 11% to USD 742 million, up from USD 669 million the previous year at the same time. Other nations that exported to Italy included the Netherlands with USD 495 million, Spain with USD 368 million, the UAE with USD 356 million, and Italy with USD 307 million.

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