Swat: Syed Zaheerul Islam, Commissioner of the Malakand Division, has ordered a crackdown on illegal structures near rivers and canals that obstruct the natural flow of rainfall. He also instructed the appropriate authorities to take action against lawbreakers in this regard during a meeting in his office in Saidu Sharif here the other day.

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The meeting, which was called to review cleanliness and launch a campaign against plastic bags in the division, was attended by deputy commissioners from various districts, including Junaid Khan of Swat, Ali Khan of Upper Chitral, Shoaib Khan of Upper Dir, and Hameedur Rehman of Shangla, as well as ADCs from Buner, Bajaur, Malakand, and Lower Chitral, tehsil municipal officers, and the CEO of the Swat WSSC.

According to the commissioner, TMOs and district administrations should handle people’s complaints about cleanliness in accordance with the chief minister’s directives.

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Mr Islam stated that garbage dumping along rivers should be monitored, and that the purity of irrigation canals should be ensured at all costs. He stated that when it comes to the approval of building designs, laws and regulations must be carefully observed.

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