Taxila: On Friday, the district administration began a crackdown on petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Attock where gauges had been tampered with.

The crackdown was ordered by Deputy Commissioner Imran Hamid Sheikh, who had received complaints from petrol station owners across the area about short-measuring and overcharging. Mr Imran has also told his subordinates to investigate petrol stations in their areas.

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Owners of various petrol stations were fined a total of Rs40,000 for tampering with gauges and short-measuring. He stated that the battle against gas station owners selling less fuel to customers in violation of weight and measurement laws would continue.

Petrol station owners and operators who were detected fiddling with gauges and selling gasoline and diesel in less volumes would not be spared, he said. He said that each nozzle was selling 10 to 12 millilitres of fuel and diesel to customers, saving roughly 200 litres per day on an average sale of Rs10,000.

Assistant Commissioner Zarmena Wazir performed surprise visits to several petrol and CNG stations whose nozzles showed inconsistencies during a raid on petrol and CNG stations in Attock. She slapped fines on a number of stations for under-measuring and profiteering. The owners of various petrol pumps in Jand have been fined a total of Rs45,000 in fines.

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Assistant Commissioner Ghulam Mustafa Jutt, along with officials from the municipal committee and the enforcement department, performed surprise visits to filling stations along the Rawalpindi-Kohat Road in Fatehjang to inspect gauges and per-litre diesel and petrol rates. He fined many filling stations Rs80,000 after they were found guilty of tampering with nozzles and short-selling fuel.

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