Kohat: According to a recent news report, on Thursday, the Mohammadzai tribe of Kohat finalised the four-member committee’s names and forwarded them to the commissioner’s office in Kohat for the settlement of a 40-year-old land dispute with the Orakzai Bezote tribe.

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Gul Mir Khan, the former leader of the armed Mohammadzai movement, told this correspondent on Thursday that the names of Khan Bad Shah, Qari Shafiuddin, Mast Alam, and his own for the committee had been forwarded to the commissioner’s office.

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He added that the Bezote tribe committee’s names had been finalised as well and that their meeting would be held shortly. Gul Mir said that the Bezote tribe had vacated their land after kidnapping and killing Mohammadzai shepherds and stealing cattle from their jungle.

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