Islamabad: On Monday, the reconstituted committee for the revision of Islamabad’s master plan agreed to use efficient planning to safeguard green areas in Zones III and IV. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed presided over the 12-member panel. Arif Changezi, Murad Jamali, and Sikandar Ajam, three new members, also attended the meeting.

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The panel also examined numerous long-standing concerns in Islamabad, including as the loss of green space in Zones III and IV, water issues, public transportation, and so on. The committee agreed to use good planning to conserve the green spaces in these two zones.

During the meeting, it was also determined that this commission would finish its work in six months, and that instead of employing a single consultant company, a variety of firms would be recruited for various themes in order to complete the city’s plan revision in six months. In addition, the committee resolved to convene once a week.

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The panel was informed that CDA and the federal government were working on the Ghazi Barotha water supply project as a long-term solution, which once finished will deliver 100 mgd water to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, respectively.

The sources said during the meeting the CDA chairman also told the participants that when he joined the CDA its financial position was very poor but currently the CDA has surplus budget due to intervention and easing of policies. The reconstituted commission also decided that consultants will be hired for preparing reports on various issues and feedback from the public will also be taken.

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