Peshawar: According to news reports, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government plans to invest PKR 100 billion in beautification and rehabilitation projects to restore the grandeur of Peshawar’s historical and cultural metropolis. The creation of the city’s largest amusement park along Peshawar Ring Road is one of these repair and beautification projects.

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In an address to the province assembly parliamentarians on Tuesday, Kamran Bangash, the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM), provided the details. The following are the details of the projects that will be performed using the proposed funds:

• Construction of the province’s largest entertainment park, spanning 240 Kanal along Peshawar Ring Road.

• PKR 5 billion will be invested to relocate Chugalpura bus station in order to alleviate the city’s traffic difficulties.

• Construction of Hayatabad Sports Complex and Arbab Niaz Stadium, both of which are of international caliber.

• In the Zangalai area, the Small Industrial Zone was established.

• In the current fiscal year, the southern segment of the Peshawar Ring Road will be developed.

In addition to the development projects, the special assistant stated that the government will take custody of Raj Kapoor and Dalip Kumar houses and rehabilitate them due to their historical significance.

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