Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) indecisive approach appears to be encouraging unlicensed construction in Zone-I, as it neither acquires land for new sectors nor allows landowners to carry out development activities on their own land.

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D-14, D-15, D-16 (partial), E-14, E-15, H-13, H-14, H-15, and H-17 are among them. The CDA is required by CDA regulations to acquire all land in Zone-I. The CDA is adamant about acquiring the sectors so that they can be developed in accordance with the city’s master plan.

The CDA issued notices in the form of advertisements warning people not to do any development work in these areas.

According to a CDA officer, not only the locals and the city’s landscape were suffering as a result of the indecisive approach, but also the CDA officers were living in constant fear of being investigated for not stopping the unplanned construction.

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People continue to carry out unplanned and unapproved building, which costs the CDA a lot of money in terms of regulation fees.

The CDA’s track record for clearing compensation for local people for acquiring their land, however, was not very good, according to officials. The CDA acquired seven sectors in 2008 – F-13, D-13, C-13, H-16, C-16, I-17, and H-16 – but built-up property awards had yet to be paid to get possession of these sectors. The CDA declared BuP awards of C-14 and C-15 a few years ago, however no allocation letters have been issued against the BuP claims.

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