Islamabad: In a recent news report, the Capital Development Working Group (CDWP) will have a crucial meeting at which many major projects will be authorised.

The PC-I of the ‘Islamabad Bus Service’ project would be presented for approval at the meeting, according to the facts. This project will be finished in January 2022, and it will be run without any subsidies.

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In addition, the conference will authorise the building of additional toilets in various parks around the city, with a focus on citizen convenience and maintaining good sanitation standards in Islamabad. The Department of Sanitation will be given new machinery in-house, which would enable the CDA not only cut expenses but also expand its authority into Islamabad’s rural regions.

A strategy will be examined to bring sophisticated machinery in-house to help the Environment Department enhance its performance while also assisting in the building and maintenance of roadways.

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The meeting will also approve the widening of underpasses, flyovers, and adjoining roads on Ataturk Avenue, Sector G-5, and G-6 to relieve traffic congestion in Islamabad, as well as approval for the construction, repair, and renovation of highways up to Ayub Chowk, which was approved by the CDA Board and is included in the agenda.

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