Peshawer: According to various sources, during the first nine months of the current fiscal year, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) spent just 35% of the annual development budget (ADP) fund (9MFY21).

According to documents, the provincial government set aside Rs148.571 billion for the province, of which the province has invested Rs57.765 billion so far.

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Similarly, the government allocated Rs34.286 billion for tribal districts in the current financial year’s development program, but only Rs9.797 billion was spent, and Rs49 billion was allocated under the Tribal Decade Strategy (TDSAccelerated )’s Implementation Programme (AIP), but the government only spent Rs14.418 billion.

According to the Department of Planning and Development’s third quarterly survey, road building cost Rs10.90 billion, irrigation cost Rs6.31 billion, health cost Rs5.70 billion, primary and secondary education cost Rs3.53 billion, higher education cost Rs3.29 billion, and agriculture cost Rs2.50 billion, forests received Rs 1.52 billion, law and justice received Rs 930 million, transportation received Rs 337 million, social services received Rs 85 million, finance received Rs 70 million, welfare population received Rs 64 million, research and information technology (IT) received Rs 22 million, reconstruction and resettlement received Rs 0.1 million, and the environment received zero amount.

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Similarly, under the AIP of the Tribal Decade Strategy (TDS), no money has been spent on food, science and technology, transportation, economic growth, justice and law, minerals, reconstruction, and resettlement.

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