Chaghi: After the repair and rehabilitation of the railway track damaged by the derailment of a cargo train at Dalbandin a few days ago, freight train service between Pakistan and Iran was resumed on Saturday.

The train, which was carrying rice, was on its way from Quetta to the Iranian city of Zahedan when it collided near Dalbandin on Thursday, breaking 180 feet of railway track, according to government authorities.

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The train would be allowed to proceed to its destination if a few mechanical issues are resolved, according to Pakistan Railways.

The Pakistan-Iran freight train service was interrupted in mid-July due to severe rainfall in Chaghi. The railway was inundated by rains, according to Pakistan Railways officials, and the 10-kilometer long track was severely damaged. The rain-damaged railway track for the Pakistan-Iran rail route required four days to restore.

On June 19, six carriages of a Quetta-bound freight train crashed at Dalbandin tehsil in Chaghi district, halting rail service between Pakistan and Iran. The freight train was traveling from Zahedan, Iran, to Quetta, Pakistan, when six of its carriages overturned, halting rail operations between the two countries.

On an emergency basis, the railway was restored. The wagons overturned due to sand dunes obscuring the tracks, according to Pakistan Railways officials.

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The Chaghi district of Balochistan, notably Dalbandin, is sandy and dusty. Trains operating through the area frequently become stuck when the rails become strewn with sand as a result of strong winds. In June of last year, six tankers on a water supply train crashed owing to sand on the tracks.

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