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New City Paradise is the latest addition to the real estate sector of the twin cities. It is a residential and commercial project developed by the developers of New City Wah, who are well-known in the real estate market of Pakistan. This grand project features the ideal location of the Grand Trunk Road, near Burhan Interchange.

The housing complex brings golden investment prospects for investors through its cost-effective plots. They range in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. Furthermore, the plots are available at low rates and feature convenient payment and installment plans. Thus, New City Paradise Islamabad is a new perfect place for investing your hard-earned money.

Amidst various other housing societies around, New City Paradise claims itself to be the best of all for its outstanding features. The developers tend to create a housing complex that offers a quality lifestyle to the residents. Keep reading the blog till the end to learn more about New City Paradise Islamabad.

New City Paradise Owners and Developers:

The developers of New City Paradise are the same ones who have established the housing scheme of New City Wah. They are famous throughout the country for providing quality services in the realty sector. Sky Marketing is the top real estate marketing company in Pakistan that has become the authorized sales and marketing partner of New City Paradise.

New City Housing developers have previously delivered various successful projects, including;

  • New City Wah
  • New City Arcade
  • Avalon Plaza
  • Business Square

The developers have now come up with another high-end project, New City Paradise. They work as a team comprising expert designers, architects, town planners, and engineers. Like New City Wah, the developers’ group plans to make New City Paradise a peaceful and luxurious haven for those who desire it.

New City Housing Developers tend to include every possible facility in the housing complex to elevate the lifestyle of the residents. Moreover, the company intends to develop the housing scheme as per the international standards of development. Chaudhry Qamar Zaman is the chairman and Chaudhry Saad Zaman is the chief executive of New City Paradise.

Sky Marketing Dealers’ Convention:

Sky Marketing is organizing a Dealers Convention to brief all the interested dealers and investors about New City Paradise. The event will take place on 19th September 2022 in Serena Hotel, Islamabad, and will be attended by the owners of the top housing societies of Pakistan.

New City Paradise NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of New City Paradise is dully approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA), confirming its legal status. Its registration number is DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. The approval is the biggest achievement for the owners of this residential project.

New City Paradise NOC

New City Paradise NOC

However, the management is still making efforts to get the NOC approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It has submitted all the required documents and is fulfilling all the criteria to get the rubber stamp from the development authority.

New City Paradise NOC

Getting the NOC approved is crucial for every real estate project. However, it is difficult and time-consuming as it requires permission from various public and private organizations. Projects with approved NOC, such as Al-Noor Orchard, are attractive and secure for investors because of their legal status. Tajarat Properties expects that New City Paradise will soon get approval from the remaining concerned authorities.

New City Paradise Location:

The location of New City Paradise is attractive to investors for many reasons. One of them is that the project is highly accessible via various routes in the twin cities. Moreover, different residential and commercial areas are located within its vicinity.

The New City Paradise is located at the Main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, proximal to the famous Burhan Interchange. Furthermore, it is also close to the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1). Another excellent feature of this location is that the housing complex is in the heart of the CPEC Route, bringing countless business prospects for the residents.

The housing complex is amid the most scenic landscape. The project faces the aesthetic beauty of KPK and the northern areas on one side. On the other side, it encounters the greenery and serenity of the federal capital. All these features make this location the most suitable for investment.

New City Paradise Location

New City Paradise Map:

Below is the map of New City Paradise:

New City Paradise Map

Below is another map of the housing scheme:

New City Paradise Map

New City Paradise Accessibility:

Following are some of the accessibility points of New City Paradise:

• Located at GT Road
• Nearly 10 min drive away from New City Wah
• Nearly 2 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
• Nearly 22 min drive away from Quaid Avenue
• Nearly 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
• Nearly 10 min drive away from Hazara Motorway

New City Paradise Location

• Nearly 0 min drive away from Burhan Interchange
• Nearly 26 min drive away from Jhang Bahtar Road
• Nearly 36 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
• Nearly 20 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
• Nearly 15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
• Nearly 18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange

New City Paradise Nearby Landmarks and Places:

The following places surround the housing complex:

  • Taxila
  • Wah
  • Wah Cantt
  • CPEC Route
  • Wah Model Town
  • Wahdat Colony
  • Faisal Hills
  • Kohistan Enclave
  • Kohsar Valley Phase I
  • Taxila Museum
  • Heavy Industries Taxila
  • Multi Gardens B-17
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Veteran Corporative Housing Society

New City Paradise Master Plan:

The master plan of New City Paradise showcases the mastery and skill of its designers. The management of the housing scheme has shared details about the layout plan. The developers have made the best use of land as the master plan includes every modern structure and facility that makes the housing scheme a community within a community.

New City Paradise Master Plan

According to the shared details, the housing scheme of New City Paradise will span over almost 20,000 Kanal of land, out of which 4,256 Kanal is approved by PHATA. There are residential and commercial plots throughout the housing scheme. Moreover, wide roads, tree-lined streets, parks, graveyards, commercial areas, outlets, stores, and mosques are also included in the master plan.

The housing project features a 250 feet wide main boulevard. Moreover, there is an inter-connected network of roads and streets throughout the housing scheme for smooth locomotion.

New City Paradise Roads

New City Paradise Blocks:

So far, no information has been shared with the public related to the blocks of the housing scheme. Stay tuned to Tajarat Properties to get the latest updates on New City Paradise.

New City Paradise Plots for Sale:

New City Paradise plots are of the following categories:

New City Paradise Residential Plots:

Below are the sizes of the residential plots available in the housing scheme:

  • New City Paradise 5 Marla (25*50)
  • New City Paradise 10 Marla (35*70)
  • New City Paradise 1 Kanal (50*90)

New City Paradise Commercial Plots:

The sizes of commercial plots are yet to be revealed by the management.

New City Paradise Payment Plan:

The payment plan of New City Paradise is convenient for the ease of investors. The management has tried to maintain low prices that are within the financial range of investors. It means that investors from all classes can invest in this housing scheme. However, the rates may increase as per the growing real estate market prices. Therefore, this is the best time to invest in New City Paradise. Taj Residencia also offers properties with an easy payment plan.

Below is the New City Paradise payment plan 2022:

New City Paradise Payment Plan

Note: The management will soon reveal the New City Paradise commercial plots payment plan.

New City Paradise Development Status:

The owners intend to undertake speedy development on the project as soon as they get the due approval from the RDA. However, heavy machinery has been transferred to the site for breaking ground to construct residential and commercial areas. The residential scheme is on its way toward excellence.

The developers are inclined to complete major constructions, such as roads, houses, and commercial buildings, as soon as possible so families can be shifted to their future residences. Moreover, they tend to undergo construction and development by producing minimum pollution for environmental safety.

New City Paradise Salient Features:

The housing scheme includes all the features that can be found within a high-end housing complex. The residential scheme offers you a modern lifestyle with all the modern amenities at hand. By being a part of this residential society, you have a chance to avail yourself of the following salient features:

  • Serenity
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Botanical Garden
  • Glow Park
  • Pollution-free Environment
  • Ideal Strategic Location
  • Affordability

New City Paradise Salient Features

  • Wide Main Boulevard
  • Gated Community
  • Modern Security System
  • Latest Infrastructure
  • Secure Boundary Wall
  • High-Class Food Court
  • A Vast Network of Streets
  • Concealed Electric Supply
  • Sewage and Drainage System
  • Tree-lined, Well-Carpeted Roads
  • Easy Installment Plan

Facilities and Amenities:

The management promises to offer the best facilities to the residents. It intends to make this residential society a center of state-of-the-art amenities where life can be enjoyed to its fullest. Everything of science and technology is a part of this residential project for the service of the residents. Kingdom Valley Islamabad also offers modern facilities.

Following are the amenities the housing society offers to its residents:

Basic Utilities:

The residential society offers an uninterrupted supply of basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity to its community. The residents will not face power cuts or water shortages. There will be electricity backups and power generators to ensure electric supply in case of power breakdown.

Educational Complexes:

Providing quality education for the residents is among the management’s top priorities. Therefore, the residential scheme will include various schools, colleges, and other academic institutions to provide the best educational facilities to the residents. The educational institutes offer nursery, primary, and higher education facilities with flawless curricula. Moreover, the following educational institutes are located nearby:

  • The City School, Wah Cantt
  • Punjab Superior College
  • University of Wah
  • HITEC University Taxila Cantt

Healthcare Facilities:

The owners prioritize the residents’ medical care; therefore, they plan to construct medical zones within the housing scheme. The residents will also be able to go to nearby clinics and hospitals. Skilled medical practitioners are available at the clinics, and the pharmacies are supplied with local and imported medicines. Following are the nearby health zones:

  • Christian Hospital Taxila
  • POF Hospital
  • Sughra Family Hospital


The master plan includes a Jamia Mosque and other small mosques featuring beautiful designs so that you can offer your routine prayers. They will provide a peaceful environment where the residents will offer their routine prayers.

New City Paradise Facilities

Following are the nearby mosques:

  • Masjid Burhan Station
  • Jamia Masjid Al-Bilal
  • Jamia Masjid Usama

Restaurants and Food Courts:

To cater to the food demands of the residents, the management tends to include various eating zones within the housing scheme, including Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chachajee, Tandoori Restaurant, and Hardees.

New City Paradise Facilities

These eateries will feature mouthwatering dishes from national and international cuisines and prefer the health and safety of the people. Besides, various famous eating spots are also located within the vicinity of the housing complex. They include:

  • Chef 99
  • Mughalia Baithak
  • Dawat Restaurant

Parks and Playgrounds:

The housing scheme offers wide playgrounds and parks where the residents can amuse themselves. There is a Main Park that is used by the elders for jogging and morning walks and by children for playing.

New City Paradise Parks

Shopping Centers:

There will be local marts and utility stores within the society to provide the residents with articles of daily use. The housing project will be home to local and international brands, including Outfitters, Saphire, Ideas, Khaadi, Nike, and Mango, among others. Also, the location of this housing scheme is close to many shopping centers and malls.

New City Paradise Shopping Centers

These malls offer a peaceful environment for indoor shopping and family entertainment. These malls delight the visitors with stunning architecture, top-class amenities, famous luxury brands, and top-tier entertainment services.

Sewage and Drainage System:

There will be intact sewage and drainage systems throughout the housing scheme. Each residence has main holes and drains for an easy flow of water and an unflawed sewerage system for waste disposal through an underground duct system.

Safe and Clean Society:

The residential society will offer 24/7 security to its residents. There will be walk-through gates at the entrance of the colony. Also, security cameras will be installed at different places. Guards shall keep on patrolling the residential society for the safety of the residents.

New City Paradise

The environment in the housing scheme will be clean and refreshing due to trees and other plantations. There will be a proper system of waste management, and trash carts will be installed throughout the housing complex.

Fitness Center:

For those who are very much concerned about their health and fitness, the housing scheme offers a fitness center. The fitness complex includes various machinery, yoga zones, and a swimming pool.

Sports Facilities:

New City Paradise welcomes sports enthusiasts to avail themselves of world-class sports facilities. The housing complex will feature a cricket stadium, basketball ground, tennis court, mini golf course, football ground, and various other sports zone at the service of the residents.

Community Center:

The developers believe in an inclusive and cohesive society where all the members work together for their collective benefit. Therefore, the master plan includes a community center where the residents can gather and discuss their shared interests and issues. Moreover, they can also arrange various events in the community center to make memories.

New City Paradise Latest News:

You can get updates and the latest news from the official website of the housing scheme. For further information, you may also contact Tajarat Properties.

New City Paradise Possession Charges:

The possession charges could be inquired from the official management. It is expected that possession will be granted after 1 year of booking your dream plot in society.

New City Paradise Application Form:

You can download the application form for New City Paradise from the official website or official management. After downloading the form, attach the following documents:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment slip

New City Paradise Membership Form:

Contact the management of the housing scheme to acquire a membership form.

New City Paradise Registration Form:

Contact the management of the housing scheme to acquire the registration form.

New City Paradise Allotment Certificate:

You can get the allotment certificate from New City Paradise official website.

Pros and Cons of New City Paradise:

Following are the pros and cons of this housing scheme:



Cost-effective plots Perception of poor accessibility
Easy payment and installment plans
Water supply
Secure boundaries
Secure wiring
Carpeted roads and streets
Sewerage and drainage system
Health zones
Fitness zones
Parks and playgrounds
General stores
Electricity backup
Eating zones
Clean environment
Friendly and responsible staff

Why Invest in New City Paradise?

If you are interested in investing in this housing scheme and want some convincing reasons, we present the following reasons to invest in New City Paradise:

Approved NOC:

The NOC of New City Paradise is approved by the PHATA. The project is free of any allegations regarding land encroachment and illegal developments.

Pocket-Friendly Rates:

The project offers residential and commercial plots at the most affordable rates. The prices are affordable for any investor. Other housing societies, such as Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, also offer properties at affordable rates.

Convenient Payment Plans:

The plots in the housing scheme are available with easy payment plans. Those who cannot afford the lump-sum payment can avail themselves of the easy installment plan.

Ideal Location and Accessibility:

The housing scheme is ideally located at G.T Road, near Burhan Interchange. Various places in the city are easily accessible from the housing scheme.

State-of-the-art Amenities:

The housing project features world-class amenities to elevate the living standards of its residents.

All of these features make this housing scheme suitable for investment. Therefore, be a part of this residential venture and enjoy the latest amenities of life.

Guidelines to Follow before Buying a Property in New City Paradise:

Follow these guidelines before you buy a property in the housing complex.

  • Verify approved documents from the relevant authorities
  • Check the NOC approved by the relevant authorities
  • Visit a trustworthy property dealer
  • Make a detailed inspection of the infrastructure
  • Inspect the security provided to the inhabitants of the society
  • Look over the accessibility of the facilities like water, gas, and electricity
  • For buying or selling a property, do check that the funds obey the purchase or sale plan
  • Examine the locality and check your proximity to hospitals, educational centers, and offices

How to Book your Property in New City Paradise?

The interested candidates must visit the booking office with the following documents:

  • Your CNIC copy
  • NICOP for Overseas
  • Two photos in passport size
  • Copy of the CNIC of your next kin

For Overseas Pakistanis:

  • Two copies of the Overseas National ID Card
  • The documents listed above

For online booking, visit the official website of the housing society or the website of Tajarat Properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Below are some of the questions that people frequently ask about this housing scheme:

Q1: Who is the owner of New City Paradise?

Ans: Chaudhry Saad Zaman, the son of Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, is the owner of New City Paradise.

Q2: Is New City Paradise an approved project?

Ans: The NOC of this housing project is approved by the PHATA.

Q3: Why should I buy a plot in New City Paradise?

Ans: You should definitely invest in this housing scheme for its ideal location, simple payment plan, and futuristic amenities.

Q4: What is the location of New City Paradise?

Ans: The housing complex is located at the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, near Burhan Interchange and M-1.

Q5: What are the sizes of commercial plots offered in this housing scheme?

Ans: The sizes of commercial plots have not been revealed yet.

Q6: Who are the developers of this project?

Ans: The developers of New City Wah are the developers of the project.

Q7: Is New City Paradise a good investment opportunity?

Ans: Yes, the housing project is a good opportunity for both short-term and long-term investments.

Q8: How can I book a plot in New City Paradise?

Ans: To book your desired plot, choose among the following options:

  • Pay online from our website
  • Contact the management of the housing scheme
  • Visit the site office

Q9: Would there be any surcharge on late payments?

Ans: All late payments might be subjected to a surcharge. It is according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the booking form.

Q10: Has the RDA approved the project?

Ans: There is no official information in this regard.

Q11: Can I buy a plot in installments?

Ans: Sure, you can avail yourself of the easy installments facility through the following modes:

  • Cash
  • Online
  • Pay Order/Demand Draft
  • Foreign Demand Draft (FDD)

Q12: What will New City Paradise balloting take place?

Ans: Contact the management to know about the rebate.

Q13. Why are the New City Paradise plots not being sold at the cost of the land?

Ans. The owners want to sell the plots at affordable prices.

Q14. Why did New City Paradise not sell the plots before getting the NOC?

Ans. The developers and owners wanted to gain the trust of the investors by doing all the things required for a housing project by the concerned development authorities so that there is no confusion regarding the legality of the housing society.

Q15. What is the reason that several developers have not developed as many houses in almost 8 years as New City Housing Developers have done in a very limited time?

Ans. The developers believe in practical work, not just the paperwork. They did not make empty promises but delivered what they promised the investors and residents on the ground.

Q16. How would the facilities provided to the residents make the project different from the rest of the housing societies?

Ans. The housing society will provide the residents with all the necessities of life; the provision of gas, water, and electricity will be made possible. Moreover, various international brands would surely become a part of the project because of the project’s reliability. Some of the international brands include Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Minnie Minors, and Sapphire.

Q17. What’s the total land area of New City Paradise?

Ans. The housing project is expected to be covered over almost 20,000 Kanal. So far, only 2,456 Kanal has been approved by PHATA for development. However, the remaining land will also be approved since the owners have the reputation of doing everything by the book.

Q18. Why did the owners choose this location for New City Paradise?

Ans. The location is ideal as it is located at GT Road and can be accessed from various nearby routes, including Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1), Burhan Interchange, and the CPEC Route.

Q19. What is the development status of New City Paradise?

Ans. The on-ground work is expected to begin within a week or a month.

Q20. When would New City Paradise plots possession take place?

Ans. Those clients who would pay 50% of the total payment would be included in the New City Paradise balloting. At the same time, the clients who would pay 100% of the total payment will be given possession within almost a year. Further details will be shared with you soon.

Q21. New City Wah is already a brand. Would the same be expected for New City Paradise?

Ans. The owners are all set to make New City Paradise a brand. The project is already very hyped in Pakistan’s real estate.


New City Paradise is an excellent real estate project recently launched in the twin cities. Its NOC is approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). The housing scheme is situated at Grand Trunk Road, near M-1 and Burhan Interchange.

The housing society features residential and commercial plots that are available at pocket-friendly rates. The residents of the residential complex can enjoy advanced facilities and raise their living standards. Indeed, New City Paradise is an excellent investment option for every kind of investor amidst rising land rates. You can also read about Nova City Peshawar and Blue World City, which are other suitable investment opportunities in Pakistan. For more updates, stay tuned to Tajarat Properties.


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