New City Paradise Introduction

New city paradise, a 4256 Kanal PHATA-approved luxurious housing scheme developed by the developers of the new city wah. It is located at, 330 ft GT road, close to the CPEC route and Burhan interchange, and M1 motorway. Tajarat Properties is privileged to have exclusive sales and marketing rights in a new city paradise. Not only this but also it brings golden investment opportunities to our esteemed clients at affordable rates which will fulfill their daydreams of living in a peaceful yet luxurious housing society within their reach.

The major thing that should be in the knowledge of all the investors is that new city paradise sells the plots at the very least price as compared to the plots that are being sold in other societies. The new city paradise offers 5 Marla plots for just 18 lacs on the other hand neighboring societies offers 5 Marla plot at 60 lacs. We assure you high-margin profits in a time span of just 2 to 3 months if you book the plot as soon as possible. Investors residing in the new city wah are recommended to visit our office located on the ground floor of the new city arcade in the new city wah.

The booking process is still ongoing even before the launch. The launching ceremony will be held in the last quarter of 2022 which starts on 1st October and ends on December 31. All Pakistani and international clients are encouraged to attend the ceremony. The payment plan for the new city paradise 2022-2023 will be revealed soon. What’s the point of procrastination? CALL US NOW and book your plot or bulk of plots now by calling the sales representative of Tajarat properties.

New City Paradise Developers And Owners:

New city paradise is developed by the developers of New City Wah. Chairman Chaudhary Qamar zaman and Chaudhary Saad zaman is the chief executive of this whole project and own a new city paradise. Tajarat Properties is granted all the sales and legal marketing authority over the property. There is a highly qualified and hard-working team behind this project with several years of expertise in the field. The efficiency is evident in the designs and planning of the project with world-class amenities at fair prices.

New City Paradise

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The Demand For New City Paradise:

The demand for new city paradise is highly increasing due to the updated luxurious living standards with all basic necessities. It is developed precisely according to the basic and luxury needs of residents by professional developers. A high check and balance is maintained during all processes of construction

New City Paradise NOC

The NOC (no objection certificate) of the new city paradise is approved by PHATA. It is registered under DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. Registration number.

Tajarat Post -1
Tajarat Post -1

Already Approved NOC:

As mentioned above the new city paradise housing society is comprised on 20,000 Kanal out of which 4256 Kanal is already approved. The management is working relentlessly to get hands-on other relevant NOCs from competent authorities.

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New City Paradise Location:

New city paradise is located at a prime location at 330 feet GT road, nearby the CPEC route, Burhan interchange, and M1 motorway. The access is made more convenient for travelers with the help of the 250 feet wide main boulevard of New city paradise.

New City Paradise Maps:

Location is something that makes society more valuable. New city paradise is located at a prime location and the new city paradise google map that are shown are not difficult to understand at all and showing that how new city paradise is accessed via following directions.

New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Paradise

New City Paradise Accessibilities:

New city paradise is a fairly accessible housing project.
new city paradise

New city paradise is accessible in the following ways:

• Located at GT Road
• Approximately 10 min drive away from New City Wah
• Approximately 2 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
• Approximately 22 min drive away from Quaid Avenue
• Approximately 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
• Approximately 10 min drive away from Hazara Motorway
• Approximately 0 min drive away from Burhan Interchange
• Approximately 26 min drive away from Jhang Bahtar Road
• Approximately 36 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
• Approximately 20 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
• Approximately 15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
• Approximately 18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange

New city paradise nearby landmark and places

New city paradise is encompassed by many landmarks and places which are as follows

  • New city wah
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Karma city
  • Wah city
  • Taxila city
  • Wah Cantt
  • POF golf club
  • Hassan abdal
  • Wah gardens
  • M1 motorway
  • M2 motorway
  • New city arcade
  • Wah model town
  • Burhan interchange
  • UET university wah
  • HITECH university Taxila
  • Pakistan ordinance factory (POF) waah

New city paradise master plan

The master plan of the new city paradise is designed by a highly qualified team of architects, engineers, and town planners with the expertise of many years. New city paradise is comprised of 20,000 Kanal out of which 4256 Kanal has been approved by PHATA. This wholesome project includes all the luxuries and world-class amenities for valuable customers.

New City Paradise

New City Paradise Payment Plan

The payment plans of new city paradise are quite affordable with easy installments. New city paradise is offering plots that are available for you at very low prices as compared to plots that other societies are offering.

New City Paradise

Why new city paradise is offering low rates?

New city paradise is offering low rates as compared to other societies just to make its valuable customers earn high-margin profits by investing in new city paradise. They can earn big profits by investing in one plot as well as by availing of a platter offer which means purchasing plots in bulk.

New city paradise payment plan 2022-2023

New city paradise plots size

New city paradise deals with different sizes of residential plots such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots.

New city paradise 5 Marla plot:

  • The total price of 5 Marla plots is Rs. 1850,000
  • The booking price of the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000
  • The confirmation amount for the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000
  • 36 monthly installments are offered at Rs. 19,500
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 5 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 72,000
  • Balloting payment for the 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 200,000
  • The allotment price of 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 200,000

New city paradise 10 Marla plot:

  • The total price for 10 Marla plots is Rs. 3,550,000
  • The booking of 10 Marla plots is Rs. 443,750
  • The confirmation amount for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 443,750
  • 36 monthly installments for 10 Marla plots are Rs. 37,425
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 10 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 153,800
  • Balloting payment for the 10 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 350,000
  • The allotment price for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 350,000

New city paradise 1 Kanal:

  • The total price for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 6,750,000
  • The booking for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 843,750
  • The confirmation amount of 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 843,750
  • 36 monthly installments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 71,150
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 375,275
  • Balloting payment for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 500,000
  • The allotment price for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 500,000

New City Paradise Future Developments And Innovations

The development of the new city paradise is quite impressive as half of the land is already built and the rest of the land is going through the process of rapid development and will be finished soon. New developments that are under fast-paced construction and are anticipated to be developed soon are as follows.

Expected Developments In New City Paradise:

  • Mosques
  • Smart Villas
  • Linear Park
  • Link Roads
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Homes
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Main Boulevard
  • Operational Tube Wells
  • Site Office and Marketing Office
New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Paradise
New City Paradise

Clothing brands and food chains

Not just this but all the well-known clothing brands and food chains such as sapphire and McDonald’s that are already existing in the new city wah and the new city arcade will also be part of the new city paradise.
New City Paradise
New City Paradise

New city paradise’s latest news about a payment plan

New city paradise has revealed a new payment plan for the benefit of investors which will offer a variety of returns on investment with better profits.

New City Paradise Allotment Certificate:

New city paradise allotment certificates are being distributed from time to time but the management, though we suggest you stay in touch in that case.

Possession Allotment Of New City Paradise

Possession policies about new city paradise allotment are being announced to valuable customers with complete information

New City Paradise Transfer Procedure

you are advised to visit the new city paradise official website for any query related to the transfer procedure of new city paradise but the anticipated transfer procedure of new city paradise is as follows

Anticipated Transfer Procedure Of New City Paradise:

• A transfer request is to be submitted with a No Demand Certificate (NDC)
• Original membership letter
• CNIC copies
• Next of kin
• Passport size photographs
• Membership/Associate form of the purchaser
• Affidavit of the purchaser & seller
• Undertaking by the purchaser
• General Power of Attorney (GPA)

New City Paradise Balloting:

New city paradise balloting will be performed in different stages, in case of any difficulty or query you can directly contact new city paradise at their contact number or you can call Tajarat properties anytime.

New City Paradise Balloting Results

new city paradise balloting results can be easily attained through official website of new city paradise or you can directly contact Tajarat properties.

New City Paradise Application Form:

new city paradise can easily be downloaded from the official website and can also be submitted on the website but make sure you inquire from the management first to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Expected Documents With The Application Form

expected documents which need to be attached to the application form are as follows:
• Passport size photographs
• Copy of CNIC or passport
• Copy of NICOP
• Copy of payment receipt
• Screenshot of online payment slip

New City Paradise Membership Form:

You can easily inquire about the authenticity of the membership form by contacting new city paradise officials or by contacting tajarat properties

New City Paradise Registration Form:

You can download the registration form by contacting new city paradise’s official contact or by contacting tajarat properties

New City Paradise Development Charges:

Always try to inquire about the development charges from the customer support center of new city paradise. But it is also necessary to mention that developers have decided to mention development charges in the payment plan of the new city paradise.

New City Paradise Facilities And Amenities:

New city paradise offers you, wholesome world-class amenities within your financial plan.
The facilities in the new city paradise are as follows:
New City Paradise

Smart housing:

New city paradise is working relentlessly to offer you the best living standards that meet your expectations with fair rates. To meet such standards new city paradise has introduced the perception of the smart housing society. A smart housing society consists of smart houses and smart villas with smart technologies.

Smart economy:

The soon-to-be-operational new city paradise will serve as an economic and national center. The commercial hub of society will offer a range of job opportunities that will be beneficial for our residents.

Smart environment:

New city paradise’s smart environment is the thing that makes it stand out from other societies. It is not just smart but also eco-friendly. A particular part of the land is reserved for green scenic beauty in society. Hydroponic farms are also places in society that are dependent upon water resources.

Eco friendly:

This project will not only provide you with luxury and world-class amenities but also an eco-friendly environment that will provide you with a unique and peaceful environment that is hard to find anywhere in Pakistan

Water resource:

As society has taken charge to fulfill all basic necessities of residents, for this purpose new city paradise has developed water reservoirs to store a large quantity of water for residents’ daily chores.

Business and commercial hubs:

The developers have ensured your economic and commercial needs, for this purpose, the project will provide you commercial area which will fulfill all your commercial needs within society.

Secure project:

The security of our residents is the main concern for management. To make our residents secure 24/7 CCTV cameras are installed, not just this but also this housing society will be surrounded by walls to ensure high security.

New City Paradise Silent Features:

• Shops
• Affordability
• Accessibility
• 24/7 Security
• Maintenance
• Glow Park
• Gymnasium
• Water Resources
• Eco-community
• Beautiful Entrance
• Dancing Fountain
• Botanical Garden
• Mini Golf Course
• Cricket Stadium
• Football Stadium
• Basketball Court
• Waterfront District
• Long Tennis Court
• Quality Development
• 4-Lane Bicycle Track
• Water, Gas, Electricity
• 250 Feet Wide Main Boulevard
• Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
• World-class Infrastructure Development
• Close to CPEC Route and Economic Zone
• Direct access from 330-feet-wide G.T Road

Why should people invest in a new city paradise?

There are many reasons to invest in a new city paradise. New city paradise offers golden opportunities to investors to invest with small amounts and earn big profits. This housing society not only provides you serene environment but also high-margin profits.

Major reasons to invest in new city paradise:

Some major reasons to invest in new city paradise are listed below:
• New city paradise is Affordable
• New city paradise is an Eco-friendly housing project.
• New city paradise is located at Prime Location.
• New city paradise consists of Spacious Properties
• New city paradise is filled with Luxurious Amenities
• New city paradise is developed by Well-known Developers
• New city paradise has International Infrastructure Development

Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots:

There are some guidelines that need to be followed in case of selling or purchasing of plots

Document verification

Before getting into purchasing and selling of plots, make sure you verify each and every document, NOC, and developmental charges approval by authorities, by approving each and everything you will be satisfied and will further proceed with your process.

Financial security:

Please make sure that your finances match the payment plan before the conclusion of any purchase in this way you will not face any ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Property visits:

After the validation and confirmation of everything don’t forget to visit the sites so that you can make sure that you are investing in the same plot you are being told about.

Documentation Requirement For Booking:

Tajarat properties considers security, trust, and, satisfaction as the first and foremost priorities that’s why we suggest you inquire about the documentation process from officials before booking of the plot.

Required Documents

• Two passport-size pictures
• NICOP for overseas clients
• Two copies of your National Identity Card
• Two copies of the I.D. card of your next kin

Benefits of real estate investments:

Among other companies, real estate investing is one of the most lucrative ones. This is due to its tremendous potential for investment return. But it’s important to remember that it will only be successful if done correctly. Investing in the real estate sector may lead to a variety of advantages.

The major benefits are as follows

Financial security:

The real estate industry is the industry that can maintain investments worth high and prevent them from degrading. If a person has some assets and has an interest in investing then the real estate sector is the most appropriate place to invest.

Stable income:

A person can earn a stable income by investing in the real estate sector no matter if he purchases a developed house or a plot, he can further do working on a plot and turn it into a developed home which will be fruitful to an investor if he rent it monthly or yearly, the rent increases with the passage of time. And the investor can earn by sitting at home without doing anything.


An investment in the real sector is easily manageable. You don’t have to worry about its maintenance on daily basis, you just have to visit once in a while to check if it’s in the right hands or not.

Passive income:

Rent could serve as a source of passive income once invested in a real estate company. An investor can buy a developed home and rent it out as well as an investor can purchase open land, then work on its development, and then rent it out to generate income throughout the year.

Non-depreciable asset:

Real estate investment is something that never loses its value. In fact, the value increases with the passage of time, and even when something major or significant launches nearby, the value rises automatically.

Impact of inflation:

Almost every business get affected by inflation but the real estate sector. By investing in the real estate sector one should not worry about inflation, the impact of inflation is rarely felt by the properties. Real estate investment often increases in value rather than decreases.

Booking Procedure For New City Paradise:

Tajarat Properties suggests its valuable customers inquire about the booking procedure from the officials to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Expected booking procedures to book a plot at new city paradise

  • Fill your booking form with full concentration
    Attach CNIC copies
  • Pay via cheque or money order to new city paradise but it’s better to verify your management procedure in case of further modifications
  • You can also pay through cash once everything is confirmed by management
  • Submit all verified documents, payments, and receipts.

Pros And Cons Of New City Paradise

Everything has its pros and cons, similarly, new city paradise has its pros and cons which are discussed below


Pros are as follows

  • New city paradise will provide water facilities 24/7
  • New city paradise will provide electricity 24/7
  • New city paradise will provide a gas facility 24/7
  • New city paradise will provide you with a healthy and peaceful environment
  • New city paradise will ensure you 24/7 security
  • For security purposes new city paradise has arranged a surveillance system, CCTV cameras, and active security guards
  • New paradise is located at a prime location which is very much close to central locations and other projects
  • New city paradise will provide a solid waste disposal system


Fortunately, the new city paradise is filled with more pros and fewer cons.
The only disadvantage that has been identified in new city paradise is

  • Perception of high prices

Frequently asked questions about new city paradise

Following are the questions that are frequently asked by clients about new city paradise

Q1 What is a new city paradise?

Ans: New city paradise is a housing project with world-class amenities which offers you a luxury environment at affordable rates.

Q2 How it is different from other projects?

Ans: New city paradise is different from other housing projects because a highly qualified team of architects and engineers is working hard behind this project to make developmental work more fast-paced and better. Developmental work is fast in new city paradise as compared to developmental work in other housing projects, its luxury environment and fast-paced environment make it stand out from other projects.

Q3: Is new city paradise NOC approved?

Ans: Yes, the NOC of new city paradise is fully approved by PHATA

Q4: Is new city paradise a pocket-friendly project?

Ans: New city paradise offers you easy installment plans which makes it affordable for investors. Management has maintained quite an ideal balance between new city paradise luxury and affordability.

Q6: What is the current location of the new city paradise?

Ans: New city paradise is located on GT road, close to the M1 motorway and Burhan interchange. Google maps can also help you to reach the exact location of new city paradise.

Q7: How to book your plot in a new city paradise?

Ans: There are several steps to follow to book your property in a new city paradise such as
1- Contact the sales representative of new city paradise and acquire all the necessary information
2- Select the size of your plot
3- Fill in your personal information
4- Data entry
5- Enter the payments
6- Enter your signature

Q8: How can we contact the new city paradise head office?

Ans: You can get the contact number of the new city paradise head office from Tajarat properties

Q9: How can we track new city paradise?

Ans: You can easily track your booking from the new city paradise official website or from Tajarat properties

Q10: Would there be any surcharge on late payments on the booking of a plot in new city paradise?

Ans: All late payments might be subject to a surcharge.

Q11: Who owns the new city paradise?

Ans: The new city housing project owns the new city paradise.

Q12: Does new city paradise offer good investment opportunities?

Ans: Yes new city paradise offers you the best investment opportunities undoubtedly.

Q13: Does new city paradise owns any bank account?

Ans: Yes new city paradise owns a bank account in which you can easily submit your payments.

Q14: Is the new city paradise Zameen profitable to buy?

Ans: Yes the Zameen of the new city paradise can bring you unbelievable profits.

Q15: What is the helpline number of new city paradise?

Ans: The helpline of the new city paradise can be acquired through Tajarat properties.

Q16: Address of the new city paradise?

Ans: New city paradise, GT Road, M1 motorway, Burhan interchange.

Q17: When will the payment plan for 2023 of the new city paradise be shared?

Ans: The latest update on payment plan 2023 of new city paradise will be shared soon.

Q18: Is the new city wah and new city paradise having a merger?

Ans: No, there is no such merger.

Q19: What is the relation between new city paradise and Tajarat properties?

Ans: Tajarat properties and new city paradise are authorized official marketing partners.

Q20: what size of plots does new city paradise offer?

Ans: New city paradise offer plots of 5 Marla, 10Marla, and 1Kanal.

Q21: Can we visit the new city paradise office?

Ans: Yes, you can visit the office of the new city paradise.

Q22: What are the road sizes in new city paradise?

Ans: The road sizes of new city paradise are 40 feet, 80 feet, 100 feet, 120 feet, 150 feet, 180 feet, and 250 feet.

Q23: Has new city paradise launched a new master plan?

Ans: Yes, New master plan of the new city paradise has been launched with latest updates than the previous one.

Q 24: Can we purchase new city paradise plots in installments?

Ans:Of course, new city paradise offers a plot in an easy installment plan. Which makes purchases easy for our esteemed clients

Q25: is new city paradise approved by RDA?

Ans:Not yet, new city paradise is approved by PHATA, not by RDA but it will be approved by RDA as well very soon.

Q26: is new city paradise booking still open?

Ans:Yes, the booking process for the new city paradise is still ongoing. You can easily book your pot by contacting Tajarat properties

Q27: why is new city paradise plots not being sold at the cost of land?

Ans:Because the seller wants it to be affordable for investors and families

Q28: Why new city paradise not selling plots before NOC approval?

Ans:Because the developers want the new city paradise to have all legal authorities and all legal approvals so that they can ensure the trust of their esteemed clients.

Q29: how new city paradise developers have developed in a very limited time as compared to other developers working on other projects?

Ans:Because they believe in “action speaks louder than words” they are doing what they have promised. They are working day and night just to give you a dreamland.

Q30: what are the facilities that make the new city paradise stands out from the rest of housing societies?

Ans:New city paradise is providing every possible comfort to its residents, provision of 24/7 gas, electricity, and water. Furthermore, some international brands and international food chains such as burger king and Mcdonalds will surely become part of this housing project. All the luxuries and world-class amenities will be part of a new city paradise at affordable rates which makes it unique from other housing projects.

Q31: total land area of new city paradise?

Ans:New city paradise is comprised of a total of 20,000 Kanal, out of which 4256 Kanal has already got approval from PHATA for development. Management is working hard to get the approval for the rest of the land as well.

Q32: why did the owner choose this location specifically for new city paradise?

Ans: Because it is an ideal location for a housing project, located at GT road can be accessed via several routes such as the M1 motorway, Burhan interchange, and CPEC route. This fact also increases its value 10 times than other housing projects.

Q33: what is the update on the current development of the new city paradise?

Ans: The development work of the new city paradise is just about to start within a week or so. Our developers are quite active and experienced and will surely wind their work up as soon as possible.

Q34: When would possession take place in new city paradise?

Ans: Those clients who would pay 50% of the total payment will be part of the balloting and those clients who would pay full payment would get possession in the new city paradise

Q35: New city wah is already a successful brand? Should we keep our expectations high from new city paradise as well?

Ans:New city paradise is already getting very hype among real estate sectors, management and developers are trying to best to meet your high expectations. New city paradise is becoming a brand itself with each passing minute.


New city paradise aims to give its residents a world-class lavish lifestyle, and opulent residential and commercial development. The plus point of this housing society is its luxurious amenities, affordable price, and prime location. These characteristics make the new city paradise stand out from other housing projects in the real estate sector.
Developers and management are working tirelessly just to make their residents feel comfortable and secure in the new city paradise.
The provision of electricity, water, and gas 24/7 will facilitate our residents with their household chores.
Active security guards and security cameras will ensure the security of our residents within society.
New city paradise is all about facilitating our esteemed clients with affordable rates.
You can easily book your plot by contacting the sales agent of tajarat properties, you can also get new city paradise account details through tajarat properties.
Since new city paradise offers you a range of golden investment opportunities, tajarat properties highly recommends you invest in new city paradise if you want to earn high-margin profits.
If you want to know about other profitable real estate projects, then please read about AL Noor orchard Lahore and the capital smart city.