Why are people moving towards Housing Societies?

The hustle-bustle in the city life has increased drastically over the past two to three decades or so and is most likely to be seen at a major increase as well and to counter this problem many of the major cities are turning towards the concept and development of housing societies. This trend of housing societies has increased as cities have progressed.

The concept of suburban area housing is seen to be implemented in many of the developed countries of the world and the concept has quickly become a part of Pakistan as well. But there is a difference between the American suburban housing scheme and the ones initiated in Pakistan.

With the country rapidly increasing population-wise, the housing societies in Pakistan have offered more. In terms of these housing societies actually being established the same way as small cities. These housing societies contain schools, hospitals, offices, markets, etc. They should be considered as smaller cities. But they are considered to be a part of the major cities. Many housing societies established in Pakistan are in the metropolitan cities, e.g. Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, etc.

In the past decade or so, Islamabad has been seen to have increased in the number of housing societies that it has. As the capital is already small area wise and also being a twin city, it was noted that these housing cities would do good to the capital.

What are the housing societies offering us?

These housing societies are offering as much as a city would, but with more urbanization, more modernization and more feasibility.

These housing societies are constructed a mere 25-30 kilometers away from the main city zone. But the planning, development, and construction are done in such a way that you are living in a small city yourself.

Due to the intense increase in population in major cities and towns, public housing has become a very serious problem for the government and because of this reason, the concept of suburban housing societies has increased in Pakistan.

The societies being developed in major cities are offering many features to make living more easier and more lavish. These societies also offer some of the following benefits:

  • Modern Lifestyle
  • Urban Living
  • Gated and Secured Communities
  • Requirement of basic facilities
  • Affordable Investments
  • Ideal living situation for retired and older individuals
  • Family living and harmony
  • Remove difference of class and cast

With all such amazing benefits, who would not want to invest within an affordable living housing society?

We have been able to create and list down some of the many affordable housing societies available in Islamabad, which can easily cater to everyone’s needs of living, luxury, and affordability.

Following are the top 7 most affordable housing societies in Islamabad.

Top 7 Affordable Housing Societies in Islamabad:

Blue World City

Top 7 Affordable Housing Societies in Islamabad

The Blue World City is one of the most recent and upcoming, lavish projects being developed and constructed in Islamabad. Not only this but it is also the first housing society that is being developed with the collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese architects.

It is being developed and constructed in one of the prime locations of Islamabad. It is being developed very close to the new Islamabad International Airport and close vicinity to the M2 Motorway with breath taking views and an absolutely affordable space.

Along with it being developed, the new Rawalpindi Ring Road is also being constructed which will further increase the overall worth and significance of the housing project.

It is a project of Blue Group of Companies, which was established in 1989 and has made quite the name for itself. Booking and reservations in Blue World City Islamabad have already started, and many investors too have also started investing in the housing society. It is offering the absolute perfect place for living, doing business, or even looking at it from an investment point of view.

The popularity of Blue World City is increasing day by day and is continuously on doing so due to its international marketing strategy. Furthermore, since it is the first project in Pakistan with the help of Chinese architects it has been gaining more popularity. As the housing society has offered up a block for Chinese residents to live who are working on CPEC.

It’s getting to be a dwelling and investment hub both for federal in addition to foreign investors. Packed with all sorts of amenities and features that no one can ignore or not invest in.

With so much to offer at such great location and affordability. Who wouldn’t want to invest?

Facilities and Amenities:

  • 24-hour security
  • City Mosques
  • Establishment of public transport
  • Wide roads
  • Load-shedding free environment
  • Establishment of basic life necessities
  • Entertainment, adventure clubs, etc.

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is one of Islamabad’s fastest-growing housing projects in the city. It is being constructed near Bani Gala around the vast nature surrounding the city. The society has preserved natural water flow together with beautiful hills, natural viewpoint, along with immense beauty.

It is one of the leading housing societies with absolute affordable rates along with supplying first class facilities to its residents and investors. Not only this but there is a separate space for industrial shops and markets with a separate downtown name as well.

Just by looking at the vast beauty around the housing society will easily be able to capture your heart and mind. It supplies you with an amazing atmosphere with great luxury for residing or for business.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Developed Society
  • Health Center and Hospitals
  • Educational Hub
  • Entertainment, Cinemas, etc.
  • Commercial Hub
  • You can build your house according to your choice
  • Gated and Secured Community

University Town Islamabad:

University Town Islamaba

University Town Islamabad offers its investors and customers affordable residence, with all necessary basic facilities. A simple goal they are working towards is providing the best property investment to secure and sustain a better future for individuals, their families, and others.

University Town is spread over 400 Kanals of land and is currently offering commercial and residential plots at different price ranges, according to the feasibility of the customer. The place offers a great way to achieve a friendly neighborhood at cheap and affordable rates with promising real estate

For visiting it you have to go to Chakri Road which is already a well-known area and readily accessible place of Islamabad and also a hub of top-new housing projects.

The housing society is owned by Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. Regardless of being a new competitor in the property and real estate business, Mr. Khan is determined to make University Town Islamabad into a well-renowned housing society, affordable to everyone and these goals can be seen to be achieved as almost 80% of the development is almost complete.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Easy Installment Plan
  • Park and Clubs
  • Entertainment Hubs
  • Educational Hubs
  • Hospital and Health Services
  • Shopping Arenas
  • Sector and Jamia Mosques
  • Entry System Security

Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Capital Smart City is regarded as one of the most lavish and luxurious residential housing projects in Islamabad. It is the first of its kind housing society that is being developed at a very fast pace. It is the first comprehensive ethnic city in Pakistan and 4th in Asia.

It has established the most well-known housing projects in Pakistan. It’s intended to satisfy the future expectations of its residents and occupants. A foolproof mechanism of security will is installed in and around the society, in fact in homes as well. The CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment is going to be installed in the buildings, houses, and society to provide comprehensive and quick safety to the people. This will be a gated community.

The housing society has well established sustainable development goals to provide the absolute best living standard. Here you’ll be able to achieve a location of conveniences and luxuries that will market your lifestyle as one of the finest ones.

Capital Smart City is offering so many features and amenities that they are hard to ignore. No dwelling area is offering such relaxed surroundings such as Capital Smart City does.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Mosques and Parks
  • Water Treatment Plan
  • 24-Hour Security System
  • An Eco-friendly Community
  • Residential and Commercial Choices
  • Smart applications for traffic, weather, electricity, internet etc.
  • Hotels and Sports complex
  • And much more

Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society (ICHS):

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The housing society is located in the beautiful scenery of Islamabad city. Inside the proximity of the New Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad Co-operative Housing Society (ICHS) town provides a completely facilitated and enjoyable experience for residents in Islamabad.

The society stretches over to about 1500 Kanals of land and has been planned in such a manner that encourages families specially from the middle class who wish to live in a high style manner to choose to live here without a second thought. The developer is well aware of the benefits of this beautiful place that is also being highlighted in their promotional campaigns.

ICHS Town is located in the vicinity of Tarnol & Fateh Jang that is 5 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport via road. It is just 24 kilometers away from Zero Point Interchange, Islamabad.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Underground Electricity
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Boundary Walls
  • Greenbelts
  • Jamia Mosques
  • Hospitals and Health facilities
  • Shopping Centers

Bahria Town Islamabad:

Bahria Town Islamabad:

Bahria Town Islamabad requires no formal introduction. It has been regarded as one of the main and important housing societies of Islamabad. It is one of the greatest property giants. It is one of the largest property tycoons of Pakistan. Bahria Town housing society has changed the overall dynamics of housing societies.

As a number of housing societies have been developed throughout Pakistan, Bahria Town still is the number one housing society that people would prefer to reside in and that says a lot about the fact that how well established it is and how many facilities it provides to its residents and occupants for them to reside in ease.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Educational Hub
  • Mini Golf Club
  • 24-hour Maintenance Facility
  • Wide Road Network and Greenbelts
  • Gated Community
  • Shopping Malls and Commercial Area
  • Imported Equipped Houses
  • 24/7 hours supply of water, electricity, and gas
  • Hospitals and Health Facilities

DHA Islamabad:

Bahria Town Islamabad

Just like Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA Islamabad too does not need any sort of formal introduction. It is a very well-recognized and renowned name in the real estate market. If you truly want to live lavishly and at ease, then the first name that comes to mind is obviously DHA.

DHA has been able to establish itself in some of the very large and metropolitan cities of Pakistan, e.g. Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar Multan etc. A renowned group of developers has established it based on the international standards.

The housing society has been developed to international standards of living and has provided immense facilities and features to its residents and occupants. The moment one even steps into DHA they are welcomed by the most luxurious lifestyle. It is one of the top choices that come into the mind of individuals who want to build a home or find a more posh area to reside

This wealthy and first-class endeavor remains and will remain a high name in real estate due to its high and one-of-a-kind development goals. DHA is a favorite and valued about the international and getting a foremost and first selection of individuals’ in.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Fully Equipped Hospital
  • International Standard School
  • Golf Course
  • 24-hour Maintenance Facility
  • Wide Road Network and Greenbelts
  • Gated Community & Round The Clock Security
  • Commercial Area and Mall
  • Themed Park
  • Imported Fixtures & Fitting
  • Excellent Finishes


With many individuals migrating from rural areas to urban areas, the living and housing system has become a problem. Especially in a city like Islamabad, which is very small compared to the other bigger cities of Pakistan, the concept of a housing system had to be introduced.

Considering that the demand for living homes is growing at a fast rate in Islamabad there’s a boom of residential ventures. We recommend our readers do their research prior to investing their hard-earned investment as getting profit from all societies does not always guarantee a safe investment.

The societies mentioned in this article are some of the few well renowned and up-to-date societies that will continue to grow and bring absolute satisfaction to its residents and investors.

For further details and inquiries or sell/purchase of residential and commercial plots at the top projects like Bahria Town Karachi 2, please feel free to visit our website at Tajarat Properties .