Lakeshore Towers Islamabad


Lakeshore Towers Islamabad is an upcoming residential project in the heart of TopCity-1 Islamabad. The residential complex is developed by the well-known Kunwar’s Associates in the proximity of Islamabad International Airport. Luckily, the project is approved by TopCity-1, CAA, and FBR; hence, its authenticity cannot be doubted.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad

Lakeshore Towers is fundamentally a high-rise featuring luxurious apartments of various categories and sizes. The project is aimed at upgrading the lifestyle of the residents by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities, just like Nova City Islamabad.

The residential project of Lakeshore Towers has the utmost potential for great profits in the realty sector of Pakistan. This is the reason for its growing fame among investors across the country. The project offers a golden opportunity to invest in luxurious apartments of various sizes, layouts, and prices. Lakeshore Towers apartments feature modern infrastructure and ultra-modern amenities and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Read this article till the end to know everything about Lakeshore Towers Islamabad.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Developers and Owners:

The owners and developers of Lakeshore Tower are the well-known Kunwar’s Associates. Those from the real estate sector must be aware of this firm as it is quite reputable in the realty sector of Pakistan. Kunwar Qutubuddin Khan is the CEO of the company. The company has collaborated with Arch Vision Plus, Design Men, and TopCity-1 to create this premium residential society.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Developers and Owners

Kunwar’s Associates has an outstanding record in construction and development. The company manifests mastery in its every project through a team of highly skilled engineers, town planners, architects, managers, and consultants. The company aims to become the leader in the real estate arena through its matchless community services and developmental excellence.

Lakeshore Towers is one of the successful housing projects by the developers that are as per international standards. The developers have carried out the construction of residential and commercial buildings as per the defined criteria of development authorities. They have established a secure and environment-friendly society. The developers of Blue World City Islamabad and Capital Smart City are also among the top real estate developers in Pakistan.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Lakeshore Towers Islamabad is approved by the authorities of TopCity-1 Islamabad, which itself is an RDA-approved project in the vicinity of Islamabad. The housing scheme is also allegedly approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Thus, investments in Lakeshore Towers are safe and secure.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad NOC

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad NOC

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad NOC

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad NOC

The constructions within the society are taking place under the supervision of the development authorities. The management has received approval for water supply, electricity, and Sui gas. The approval of NOC is the top priority of every housing scheme to become legal and secure in the eyes of investors. The housing schemes with approved NOCs, such as Al-Noor Orchard, are chosen for investments of their legal status.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Location:

The location of Lakeshore Towers is ideal and conveniently accessible. The apartment building is located within the top-notch housing scheme of TopCity-1. It is situated between Kashmir Highway, M1, and M2 Motorways. Moreover, Islamabad International Airport (IIA) is also a few minutes away from the residential complex.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Location

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Map:

Below is the location map of the housing scheme:

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Map

Following is another map of the housing complex:

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Map

The location of Lakeshore Towers apartments is close to nature as it is surrounded by a lake and lush green areas. This location is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city to offer a peaceful living. Nova City Islamabad also features an attractive location that is decisive in the success of that project.

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Accessibility:

As stated above, the apartment building is highly accessible. Below are some of the accessibility points of Lakeshore Towers:

  • Almost 5 minutes drive from Sir Syed Ahmed Road
  • Almost 5 minutes drive from Allama Iqbal Avenue
  • Almost 5 minutes drive from Fatima Jinnah Road
  • Almost 7 minutes drive from Raja Ali Akbar Road

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Location

  • Almost 5 minutes drive from M-1 Motorway
  • Almost 8 minutes drive from Srinagar Highway
  • Almost 9 minutes drive from Link Road
  • Almost 11 minutes drive from Fateh Jang-Tarnol Interchange
  • Almost 15 minutes drive from Thallian Interchange
  • Almost 17 minutes drive from Service Road
  • Almost 12 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are some of the landmarks and places in the vicinity of Lakeshore Towers:

  • M-1, M-2 Motorways
  • Kashmir Highway
  • Time Square Residence
  • University Town
  • Airport Residencia
  • Airport Enclave
  • The Magnus Mall
  • Mumtaz City Cricket Club
  • Islamabad Toll Plaza (M-2)
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Srinagar Highway

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Master Plan:

The master plan of Lakeshore Towers Islamabad showcases the mastery of its creators. The layout plan is considerately designed by the engineers of Kunwar Associates and includes every modern feature and facility of a high-end apartment building.

The project is spread over up to 16.56 Kanal or 9779 yards. Moreover, the high-rise consists of multiple floors, each reserved for apartments, offices, and shops. Besides, there are 3 spacious parking lots in the building to accommodate a large number of vehicles.

Lakeshore Towers building is categorized into the following segments:

  • Condominium
  • Triplexes
  • Penthouses
  • Façade Shops
  • Promenade Shops
  • Boulevard Shops
  • Lake View Shops

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Apartments:

Apartments in Lakeshore Towers Islamabad are of the following categories:

  • 1 Bed Apartments – Uno
  • 2 Bed Apartments – Twin
    • Variant 1 – Twin
    • Variant 2 – Twin
  • 3 Bed Apartments – Grand
    • Variant 1 – Grand
    • Variant 2 – Grand
  • 4 Bed Apartments – Cuatro
    • Variant 1 – Cuatro
    • Variant 2 – Cuatro
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Opus
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Cabana
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Lanai
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Sky Loft
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Aspen
  • 2 Bed Penthouse Apartments – Sico
  • 4 Bed Triplex Apartments
    • 4 Bed Triplex Apartments – Twin Loft
    • 4 Bed Triplex Apartments- Maisonette

Following are the three variations of 4 Bed Triplex Apartments:

  • Lower Levels
  • Upper Levels
  • Roof Top

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans:

The layout plans of Lakeshore Towers apartments are as follows:

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Layout Plans

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan:

The payment plan of Lakeshore Towers has been considerately designed to keep the prices within the range of investors. The prices are pocket-friendly for any investor, thus increasing investments in the project.

Below is the Lakeshore Towers Islamabad payment plan 2022:

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Payment Plan

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status:

Speedy construction and development are underway within the housing scheme. The developers are soon to complete various constructions, including apartments, shops, offices, mosques and fitness centres. The management ensures to undertake the development work that is waste-free and pollution-free for environmental safety. It is expected that the project will be completely developed in the coming few months.

The following images give a fair idea of developments within the residential complex:

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Lakeshore Towers Islamabad Development Status

Salient Features of Lakeshore Towers Islamabad:

The features of Islamabad Lakeshore Towers are the cherry on top of the residential project. The high-rise promises to offer world-class sports and residential and commercial facilities to its community. It includes all the features of a modern lifestyle that any other high-class residential project contains.

Living in this housing complex, you can avail yourself of an advanced lifestyle with all amenities of life at hand in the most favorable environment. Following are the best features of this project:

  • Ideal location
  • Deluxe apartments
  • Modern elevators
  • Local and International brands’ outlets
  • Fitness centres
  • Play areas
  • Modern escalators
  • Affordable rates
  • Peaceful environment
  • 24/7 water, electricity, gas
  • Easy installment plans
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Eco-friendly
  • Latest security system with walk-through gates and CCTV cameras
  • Nearby education zones, health zones, restaurants, shopping centers
  • Power generators

Facilities and Amenities:

Accessibility to all the basic and advanced necessities makes a housing complex worthy of living. The facilities offered in Lakeshore Towers are nowhere else to be found. Following are the facilities offered by the project:

Basic Utilities:

One can get a continuous supply of water, Sui gas, and electricity by residing in this apartment building. In case of power breakdown, there are electricity backups and power generators to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the residents.

The residents of the society do not face any shortage of Sui gas. The towers also provide clean water through filtration plants.

International-Standard Lifestyle:

The project offers a world-class living experience to its residents by providing them with futuristic amenities. Living in this residential complex is nothing less than living in an international apartment building. The apartments are equipped with modern technology to make life easy to live. Everything you desire is at your doorstep in Lakeshore Towers.

Healthcare and Fitness Centres:

Everyone desires to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, the building has various fitness centers on different floors. These areas are equipped with the latest technological gadgets and machinery. Moreover, the project also promises to offer quick medical services to the residents.

Praying Areas:

Different praying zones are built within the building. They allow the residents to perform their routine prayers in a secure and peaceful environment. Various mosques are also located nearby.

Restaurants and Food Courts:

To cater to the food demands of the residents, the management plans to build a food court inside the building. Besides, a large number of restaurants are located near the society where the residents can enjoy the best dine-in and dine-out facilities.

Parks and Playing Areas:

There are nearby parks where the elders can go jogging and on a morning walk. These parks are used by children to play various games. Moreover, the building includes playing areas for toddlers.

Shopping Centers:

The towers include various shops where outlets of local and international brands are constructed. The residents can get items of daily use from the shops and shopping zones. Lakeshore Towers allow the residents to enjoy a secure and pleasing shopping experience.

Sewage and Drainage System:

There are intact sewage and drainage systems in the apartments. Each residence has main holes and drains for an easy flow of water. Moreover, there is an unflawed sewerage system for waste disposal through an underground duct system.

Modern Elevators:

The apartmental building has a modern elevator system for easy travel of its residents. Moreover, there are escalators and cargo lifts installed inside the building.

Spacious Parking:

The building has 3 floors that are entirely dedicated to car parking. The parking lots can accommodate a large number of vehicles.

Modern Amenities:

Tile and marble floor, aluminium windows, modern wardrobes, false ceiling, passenger and cargo lifts, swimming pools, lawns, and nearby banks, ATMs, beauty salons, corporate offices, home goods stores, gaming zones, internet cafes, and studios are some of the other facilities provided to the inhabitants of the housing complex.

Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros and cons of this housing scheme:



Luxury apartments Perception of high rates
Easy payment and installment plans
Water supply
Secure boundaries
Secure wiring
Sewerage and drainage system
Health zones
Fitness zones
Parks and playgrounds
General stores
Eating zones
Clean environment
Friendly and responsible staff

Why Invest in Lakeshore Towers Islamabad?

Before investing in any real estate project, the investors must consider some important things such as the cost, location, approved NOC, payment plan, facilities, and accessibility. Let us go through the reasons to invest in Lakeshore Towers Islamabad:

Approved NOC:

The NOC of the project is approved by TopCity-1 The project is free of any allegations regarding land encroachment and illegal developments.

Affordable Rates of Properties:

The housing complex offers residential and commercial properties at the most affordable rates. The prices are affordable for any investor. Other housing societies, such as Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, also offer properties at affordable rates.

Flexible Payment Plans:

Properties in the housing project are available with easy payment plans. Those who cannot afford the lump-sum payment can avail themselves of the easy instalment plan.

Ideal Location and Accessibility:

The housing project is ideally located in TopCity-1 between Kashmir Highway, M1, and M2 Motorways. Various places in the city are easily accessible from the housing scheme.

State-of-the-art Amenities:

The housing project features world-class amenities to elevate the living standards of its residents.

All of these features make this housing scheme suitable for investment. Therefore, be a part of this residential venture and enjoy the latest amenities of life.

Guidelines to Follow Before Buying a Property in Lakeshore Towers Islamabad:

Follow these guidelines before you buy a property in this housing project.

  • Verify approved documents from RDA
  • Check the NOC approved by RDA
  • Visit a trustworthy property dealer
  • Make a detailed inspection of the infrastructure
  • Inspect the security provided to the inhabitants of the society
  • Look over the accessibility of the facilities like water, gas, and electricity
  • For buying or selling a property, do check that the funds obey the purchase or sale plan
  • Examine the locality and check your proximity to hospitals, educational centers, and offices

Documents Required for Booking in Lakeshore Towers Islamabad:

Following are the required documents:

  • Your CNIC copy
  • Copy of the CNIC of your next to kin
  • Two photos in passport size

For Overseas Pakistanis:

  • Two copies of the Overseas National ID Card
  • The documents listed above

For online booking, visit the official website of the housing society or the website of Tajarat Properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Below are some of the questions that people frequently ask about this housing scheme:

Q1: What is Lakeshore Towers Islamabad?

Ans: Lakeshore Towers is a residential project within TopCity-1. The project is launched to provide a quality living style to its community.

Q2: What is the NOC status of Lakeshore Towers?

Ans: The NOC of this housing project is approved by TopCity-1.

Q3: What is the project’s completion time?

Ans: As per the management, the project will be completed in 3.5 years, and its grey structure will be completed by September 2023.

Q4: What is the total land of Lakeshore Towers?

Ans: The total land approved for the project is 16.6 Kanal.

Q5: Who are the owners of this project?

Ans: Lakeshore Towers owners are Kunwar’s Associates.

Q6: Who will maintain the project after its completion, and what will be the maintenance cost?

Ans: The project will be maintained by Kunwar’s Associates, and the maintenance charges will be decided at the end of the project handover.

Q7: Is the project approved under Prime Minister Amnesty Scheme?

Ans: The project is approved under the PM amnesty scheme. You can verify the details from
the FBR website under 100D registered projects.

Q8: What are the installment plan and down payment of Lakeshore Towers?

Ans: The Installment plan can either be 42 monthly or 14 quarterly, with a 30% down payment.


Lakeshore Towers Islamabad is an excellent real estate project located within TopCity-1 Islamabad. Kunwar’s Associates are the developers and Owners of the project. Moreover, the NOC of the housing complex is approved by the management of TopCity-1 Islamabad. The project is going to facilitate many people through its cost-effective apartments, offices and commercial shops.

For the convenience of investors, Lakeshore Towers in Islamabad features pocket-friendly payment plans. Besides, the housing complex includes basic and modern amenities to raise the living standard of its community. For more articles about real estate, such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Blue World City, New City Paradise & Bahria Town Karachi 2, stay tuned to Tajarat Properties.